About Our Events

See our public calendar here.

Live Trainings & Member Events

Dive deeper, practice, and build a toolbox of skills in the context of new-paradigm community. These live, online trainings require a training subscription and include training content, live Zoom calls and membership in NonOrdinary Society. Our 3:1 training rhythm offers opportunities each month to integrate, socialize, and share YOUR genius and offerings to the community.  You can learn more about NonOrdinary Society and our training subscriptions here.


Meetups are public events that do not require a training subscription. They are a great way to dip your toe in and have a NonOrdinary experience, and are listed in our calendar, on our Meetup.com pages,and are posted to Facebook and Eventbrite. Events are either virtual or, in cities where we host the Meetup groups, in-person. We have organized them by topics, which we call Pathways. Find the list of our pathways, meetup groups and cities here.  You can see the list of our pathways, meetup groups and cities here.

Our Featured Events

Featured Events bring it ALL together for in-person experiential learning. Each are offered in a variety of themes, formats and price points throughout the year. These events are open to the public, and not included in our subscriptions (though we offer special pricing for Members). They include companion training modules and calls before the event to help support deeper work while in attendance, and a follow-up after the event to process and integrate learnings and insights. Current featured events offered are the following:

The Ecstatic Erotic events explore the edges of Relationship & Sexuality as we deepen, enrich, and expand our capacity for love, pleasure, lifeforce, and living a life of creative aliveness. The Ecstatic breaks us open and invites expanded senses, states, and flexibility of consciousness. The Erotic intensifies lifeforce, aliveness, arousal, and desire. Together they provide a new toolbox for going beyond conscious relationships and good sex, to ecstatic relationships and mind-blowing-break-you-open-make-your-toes-curl sex, while enhancing every aspect of your life. Learn more.
Do you want to be part of creating what is Beyond Chaos? The Edges Conference is for positive impact leaders of all kinds who want to create, inspire, and transform at the leading edges of the new reality with others. At the edges we harvest the best of what we have learned and invite something even greater to emerge. Part conference, part experiential training, part revival…our intentions are to create a truly nonordinary experience. Learn more.
EdgesWork retreats are intensive, intimate weekends where we invite the edges to lead us. Our unique, multi-faceted, multidimensional process creates opportunities for untangling desire, clearing limiting patterns, and transforming conflict while expanding capacity for aliveness, pleasure and deep relationship with others and life. Inspired by the philosophy of Processwork, we “follow the breadcrumbs” as we explore what our bodies, emotions, souls, relationship dynamics, and environment are revealing. Learn more.

We are developing a retreat that combines sacred medicine journeys with EdgesWork integration. More about this soon!