Beyond Chaos


A Travel Guide for Lovers of Life

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Even in the midst of the chaos, do you believe
a different future is possible? 
We do too.

Things have to shift but how?  
What is this new reality we are sensing?
How do we get there from

In this MASTERCLASS we offer a framework — a compass and map — that helps make sense of what is happening and provides a way to navigate beyond chaos…in our lives, organizations and in the world.

Part ONE

Making Sense of the Chaos

In Part one of this masterclass we look at our current paradigm and how we got where we are.

You’ll Learn:

  • 7 key problems we keep trying to solve, and how current approaches are lacking.
  • Powerful shifts in thinking about these problems which give new context to understand how we got here, and what is happening now.
  • How these shifts are the key to defining and creating the new reality you are sensing is possible and desiring.
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The 'Which Reality?' Problem

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, how do we agree on which version of reality to work towards?

The Peak States Problem

With more and more of us experiencing expanded states of consciousness through meditation, tantra, psychedelics, and other paths, why do we still fall back into old patterns?

The 'Other Person' Problem

How do you get what you want when others won’t cooperate?

The Trigger Problem

Why have we become so reactionary? Why does it feel like we have to walk on eggshells with each other? Why has cancel culture become the norm? 

The Polarity Problem

Why are we growing more polarized, even among families and friends? Why do we have to make what seem like impossible, no-win choices, in our personal lives and in society?

The Power, Money and Sex Problem

If power corrupts, money is the root of all evil, and sex is taboo, why do we keep pursuing them so enthusiastically?

The Woo Woo Problem

The battle of science versus spirituality, physical versus metaphysical, good versus evil, my heaven versus yours… How do we end the battles once and for all?

The Desire, Tangle, Loop

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. How do we identify where we are, and what the path forward is? How do we stop repeating history and finally get what we want? 

You’ll Learn:

Part two

Paradigm Shifting the Paradigm Shift

In part two, we explore how we can get from here to the new reality. 

You’ll Learn:

  • The common ways of thinking about paradigm shifting and why they aren’t enough anymore.
  • A new approach that allows you to both untangle the current paradigm while living and learning in the new one.
  • A map and compass that allow you to navigate in unknown, new territory.
More details below…

The Paradigm Paradox

For many of us, shifting paradigms has meant pushing and even raging against the current paradigm, only to find it pushing back harder. What about disconnecting from it all and starting something new? Sounds like a great idea….and yet, that doesn’t seem to work either. Why? 

The New Paradigm of Paradigm Shifting

How do we shift paradigm shifting? Learn a powerful new reframe that allows you to enjoy the process of living in the new territory NOW, while shifting the old paradigm. Learn a new map to navigate unknown territory. 

The NonLinear, Fractal Process

Learn the nonlinear steps that help you identify where you are in the process and help you to learn and integrate with more ease and clarity.

Part tHREE

The Underlying Levers of Reality

In part three we explore how The Four Forces give us the underlying skills and states we need to create the reality we desire.

You’ll Learn:

  • How the Four Forces give you levers for navigating, experiencing and creating reality.

The Desires

What are your deepest desires? Learn how Connection, Expression, Purpose and Growth are at the core of what it means to be human, and the key to creating the lives and world we long for.

The Strategies

We are incredibly creative when it comes to trying to get our desires met– including sacrificing one force for another. While these strategies get us a short-term version of what we want, they limit our ability to get what we really want.

The WorldViews

Our beliefs and strategies around the Four Forces create our individual, cultural and collective worldviews. We pass them down through generations, in our families and cultures. We gather as “like-minded” in our communities, oganizations and political parties.

The Skills

Each of the Four Forces come with a set of skills that allow you to experience what you most deeply desire. Like a sound mixer of consciousness, you have levers for how you experience and impact others and the world around you.

The States

As you clear strategies and develop skills, you unlock flexibility of consciousness that allows you to access new states of consciousness at will, enhancing your everyday life as well as building capacity for greater peak and ecstatic states.

The Life Forces

The Four Forces are moving us whether we know it or not. They are the essential forces of life that make up the infrastructure of consciousness and life, and which give us levers to influence how we experience and impact reality itself.
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