Collaborative Eros

EXploring Eros in Leadership And Culture

Explore how to: 

  • Amplify your aliveness, charisma, impact and pleasure as a leader. 
  • Tap into emergence and the collective for creation. 
  • Use Eros to enliven your community or organization. 
  • Harness sexual energy, power and creative forces for the greater good.

What happens when you cultivate Eros in your community or organization?

Why is sexuality critical to being a leader at the edges?

An often excluded topic in leadership and edge spaces is the amplifying impact of eros and sexual energy. Join Pamela and Trish in emergent conversation around this provocative and critical aspect of leadership in the new reality.

In these conversations, we will explore topics such as: 
  • The relationship between power and sexuality.
  • What has been gained and lost in our cultural struggle with sexuality in the workplace.
  • Amplifying our collaboration through eros and emergent lifeforce.
  • Sexual magic in the context of manifestation and leadership.
  • Using eros energy to enliven our workplaces – the dangers and benefits.
  • Ecstatic and nonordinary states of eros in leadership
  • Erotic Intelligence as a leader.
  • Eros and the charismatic leader.
  • Flirting, aliveness and creativity
  • Ending the gender wars

The Experience

At least once a month, we will gather on a live zoom call and have an experiential conversation exploring topics related to eros, sexuality and leadership. Working with eros and emergence during the calls, Pamela and Trish will invite inquiry, sharing, and experiential learning as the topic is explored and the energy is allowed to unfold in the group. 

This is an explicit, experimental and respectful space where we can dive into topics that are often considered taboo, and repressed in our culture and workplaces. 

Our intention is to cultivate healthy eros that enlivens and amplifies impact, creativity, pleasure in our collaborations, organizations and leadership experience. 

The In-Person Event

Pamela and Trish would love to offer and facilitate an in person experiential event in the fall of 2024. These calls will be the foundation and generative spark for this event. Your participation on the calls will help determine what is created. 

Upcoming Collective Eros Happenings

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The Facilitators

Pamela von Sabljar

Pamela von Sabljar is a new breed speaker, facilitator and author working at the evolutionary edge. She espouses dialoging, sensing, creating and leading from this ever-emergent edge — which she calls Living from Eros.

“Talk to someone, really talk to them, listen deeper, pay more attention, and you’ll notice _______ . In the space between there’s an emergence. There’s fresh information encoded there, within and between the relational field. What shines forth, right here, that emergent creative intelligence, that evolutionary impulse … that’s Eros itself.”

Pamela has spent decades exploring, de-coding, practicing and teaching Living Eros. In these sessions she invites us into the intersubjective field – a shared awareness – where together we sense the emergence of Eros & dialogue from it. Working in this way makes new kinds of embodied group sensemaking a reality.

In addition to co-hosting the largest global Emergent Dialogue training in the world, she leads Facilitate the shift masterclasses; hosts training on cutting edge sense-making platforms like Rebel Wisdom, Emerge Network, Foundation of Ekskäret. She is also a Co-Initiator of the Nordic Women’s gathering.

Trish Blain

Trish Blain is a positive impact entrepreneur, international facilitator, and expert in nonordinary skills and states of consciousness. An explorer at the evolving edge of what it means to be human, Trish is deeply committed to creating a world where we all thrive. 

She is passionate about helping change-makers, leaders, and lovers of life amplify their pleasure and impact. She is the Founder of NonOrdinary, a new paradigm approach and platform offering community and training for paradigm shifters. 

She has developed a unique framework called The Four Forces, through 30 years of experimentation, research, and teaching. She uses this framework in combination with other modalities, a method she calls EdgesWork, in her individual coaching and in group settings in retreats, workshops and conferences. Learn more here. 

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