Mari Budlong

NonOrdinary Team, Chief Community Cultivator

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The Collaborative

The Edges (Professional)
We are excited about new ways to collaborate, making the pie bigger for everyone as we amplify our positive impact individually and collectively. Explore opportunities with NonOrdinary and other Edges collaborators.

Self Facilitating Groups & Communities

The Spaces (Open)
Go beyond personal growth and accelerate your learning through understanding group dynamics and cultivating the skills of self-facilitating groups and community.

Creative Impact

The Spaces (Open)
Coming soon.

Welcome & Orientation

The Levers (Personal)
Meet other new members and get to know Mari Budlong, our Community Culture Cultivator. Learn how you can make the most out of the platform and the community.

The Book Club

The Spaces (Open)
Download a free copy of Trish Blain’s book, The Four Forces, and join others in an exploration of how you can get what you most deeply desire with the foundation skills of living in new territory.
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