Pamela von Sabljar

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Pamela von Sabljar is a new breed speaker, facilitator and author working at the evolutionary edge. She espouses dialoging, sensing, creating and leading from this ever-emergent edge — which she calls Living from Eros.

“Talk to someone, really talk to them, listen deeper, pay more attention, and you’ll notice _______ . In the space between there’s an emergence. There’s fresh information encoded there, within and between the relational field. What shines forth, right here, that emergent creative intelligence, that evolutionary impulse … that’s Eros itself.” 

Pamela has spent decades exploring, de-coding, practicing and teaching Living Eros. In these sessions she invites us into the intersubjective field – a shared awareness – where together we sense the emergence of Eros & dialogue from it. Working in this way makes new kinds of embodied group sensemaking a reality. 

In addition to co-hosting the largest global Emergent Dialogue training in the world, she leads Facilitate the Shift Masterclasses; hosts training on cutting edge sense-making platforms like Rebel Wisdom, Emerge Network, Foundation of Ekskäret. She is also a Co-Initiator of the Nordic Women’s Gathering.

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The Collaborative

The Edges (Professional)
We are excited about new ways to collaborate, making the pie bigger for everyone as we amplify our positive impact individually and collectively. Explore opportunities with NonOrdinary and other Edges collaborators.

Collaborative Eros

The Edges (Professional)
An often excluded topic in leadership and edge spaces is the amplifying impact of eros and sexual energy. Join Pamela Von Sabljar, and Trish Blain in emergent conversation around this provocative and critical aspect of leadership in the new reality.
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