7. The Shifting Edge

Every conflict, trigger, past and current problem is informing how to get what you want, when you untangle it. 

8. The Contextual Edge

Everything impacts everything. At the contextual edge, we expand our capacity for complexity, collaboration, collective intelligence, transcontextual thinking, and synergy.

6. The NonOrdinary Edge

Nonordinary states of consciousness, ecstasis, deep intuition, natural intelligence, and multidimensional reality, expand what it means to be human.

5. The Growth Shift

An introduction to the levers of aliveness, sexual energy, creativity, and emergence.

4. The Purpose Shift

An intro to the levers of sensemaking, relationship, meaning, order, and the underlying blueprint of life. 

9. The Emerging Edge

Life is constantly learning and so are we. At the emerging edge, we embrace the unknown with flexibility of consciousness, creativity, experimentation, improvisation, and the…

1. The Four Forces Compass

What does it mean to align with life and each other? Explore the framework that allows you to navigate, craft, and experience, ANY reality.