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Amplify your senses. Transcend your body and feel your edges dissolve. Be undefended and fully available to life. Break open to pure joy, love, and the divine. Experience yourself as everything, as source, as love. In the Ecstatic, we are so much more than human, able to experience realms beyond the physical.
Feel fully alive, on fire…in your arousal and raw animal pleasure. Revel in your individuality and choose to be completely embodied. Live in your passion and desire. Express your creative uniqueness and feel your true power. In the Erotic, we are fully human, tapped into sexual energy and lifeforce.

Let’s do them both…at the same time!

In our modern world, the ecstatic and the erotic (eros) are often seen as opposites. In reality, they are complementary, each dependent upon and amplifying the other. In fact, to the extent that you block access to one, you block it to the other as well. At the intersection of the ecstatic and erotic is where you become fully awake and alive.

The Ecstatic Eros events explore the edges of relationship and sexuality as we deepen, enrich, and expand our capacity for love, pleasure, lifeforce, and living a life of creative aliveness. The ecstatic breaks us open and invites expanded senses and states.  It cultivates flexibility of consciousness. Eros intensifies lifeforce, aliveness, and desire. Together they provide a new toolbox for going beyond conscious relationships and good sex to Ecstatic Relationships and mind-blowing-break-you-open-make-your-toes-curl sex, as well as enhancing every aspect of your life.

Bringing these energies together changes everything.
You’ll expand capacity for aliveness and pleasure in…

Your Relationships:

  • Show up with more YOU available
  • Deepen intimacy without losing yourself
  • Experience union and soul connection
  • Communicate with more clarity and compassion
  • Feel more without getting overwhelmed
  • Heal past trauma through your relationship(s)
  • Go beyond conscious relationships to Ecstatic Relationships

Your Sexuality:

  • Have more levers for how you experience your sexuality
  • Use touch, presence and sexual energy for healing
  • Heighten your senses and physical pleasure
  • Experience the divine through sexuality
  • Channel sexual energy as sex magic
  • Let kundalini and lifeforce take you to new realms of experience

Your Life:

  • Have access to new states of consciousness
  • Expand your capacity for intensity and big energy
  • Deepen relationships of all kinds
  • Heighten your senses and experiences of love and pleasure
  • Increase your ability to create and manifest what you desire
  • Rewire your nervous system, transforming blocks and fears
  • Feel your desires more clearly and be able to move with them
  • Become more charismatic and magnetic

We draw from a wide range of teachings, modalities and experiential opportunities including:


  • Dance, movement, sound, breathwork
  • Deep Inquiry and Self Exploration
  • Group work & EdgesWork techniques
  • Touch, Energy, and Consciousness Fields
  • Teachings and Transmissions
  • Personal & Group Ritual
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Laughter, Irreverence & Play

An In-Person Weekend with Companion Training


  Essex, MA

Awaken your SENSES.

Awaken your SEXUAL ENERGY.


Awaken ALL of YOU!

Are you ready to take your sexuality to new heights? 

Do you want to feel more ALIVE?

Are you ready to fall more deeply in love with yourself and life? 

In this retreat and companion training, you will be taken on a journey to awaken your senses, your energy, and your consciousness using the power of sexual energy. Whether you are a beginner or someone who has “ridden the river” before, this retreat will give you new options for how you invoke and experience your sexuality and the ecstatic.

You will learn:

How it works: 

BEFORE: A Self-Paced Companion Training

Maximize your time for experiencing the ecstatic and erotic by taking our impactful, self-paced introductory course prior to the retreat. Learn the foundational concepts and begin the process of personal exploration so you can dive into the experience of the in-person retreat more easily, deeply and expansively.

THE EXPERIENCE:  A Two-Day, In-Person Retreat

Here you’ll have the opportunity to experiment and practice with others. Meet other like-hearted explorers who are in it to learn and share. There will be a variety of experiences and modalities used, including Four Forces practices, Edgeswork, breathwork, and dancing and movement, all designed to open you to accessing new states of consciousness and new levers for how you experience pleasure and aliveness.

AFTER: A 4-week Integration & Application Coaching Group

Have you noticed how immediately after a workshop we often have that “workshop high” and feel like we are forever changed, only to then drop back into ordinary consciousness after a few days or weeks? Our post-retreat integration and application group coaching sessions focus on taking what was learned and experienced in both the self-paced course and the in-person retreat and anchoring it into your everyday life. We’ll explore what has come up with the implementation of the practices that support living in the ecstatic and erotic, and work issues of integration as they come up.

This event includes:

Brief Overview of the “Awaken Your Ecstatic Sexuality” Companion Training:

What is ecstatic sexuality? What is eros? What does it mean when you have an ecstatic experience? How does this show up in intimacy and sexuality? In this first module we explore what sexual energy is, how it relates to expanded states of consciousness and what can happen when you access these heightened states. We will also set the stage for preparing to enter the ecstatic and erotic together.

We often talk about connection, but how does it happen? How can you fall in love with anyone and why would you want to? In this second module we explore connection and the skills that both allow you to heighten your senses as well as experience deeper connection with anyone, including yourself. We explore the states of oneness, merging, and timeless union. 

You are human, and so much more than human. What does it mean to be uniquely YOU? In this module, we explore how you can access the many dimensions of who you are and how you can completely change how you experience yourself and others through shifting perspective and anchoring your uniqueness. We explore the states of consciousness of no-self, soul-self,  and god-self.

We don’t often think of purpose when we think of sexuality, however when we add the skills of purpose and meaning we are able to experience completely new aspects to our relationship with our lover and with life. We can create intention, ritual and healing space that opens up possibilities for even greater access to the divine and deeper multidimensional relationships. We explore karmic patterns, soul union and ecstatic relationship.

What do you want? What is desire? What awakens desire? Without desire, we can’t feel fully alive, manifest or access our sexual energy. In this module, we explore how deep desire helps you to access more of YOU, and how the skills and states of growth (lifeforce) give you the ability to move from deep desire, uniqueness and aliveness. We explore the ecstatic states of flow states, kundalini and orgasms.

In this module, you will take a deep dive into preparing for the in-person retreat. What is your desire for this retreat? Which topics in the training have piqued your curiosity? Which have brought up fear or concern? What happens if something comes up, or you get triggered during the retreat? What is the new territory you want to explore? In this module, you will have an opportunity to explore your intentions and desires and learn more about our approach to working with “the edges” of being in new territory. We will cover our “trigger protocol”, which we use to ensure that you feel as safe as possible to move through anything that may come up as you step into the exciting unknown.

Our Retreat Location

We instantly fell in love with the land and the caretakers of this retreat center. Beautiful sculptures are nestled throughout the 14 acres of curated grounds, which includes a goldfish pond, fire pit, and hiking trail–plenty of room to take the retreat into nature, never mind the biggest hot tub we have ever seen! Laid back and cozy, this retreat will leave you feeling well-cared for while still being affordable. We are excited to be offering our first retreat at Essexwoods in Essex, Massachusetts, a forty-minute drive north of Boston, just one mile from the ocean.

A Note from Trish

This retreat is inspired by my personal journey. For the last 20 years I’ve had the joy and challenge of integrating and learning to work with these powerful energies. My journey has included a spontaneous Kundalini awakening that set me on the path, as well as hundreds of personal experiences/ witnessing of what happens when these powerful energies come together. I’m excited to be offering this intensive experiential format to teach what I have learned and share these amazing, life transforming experiences.

I hope you can join us!

See testimonials about Trish’s workshop facilitation here.

Please Note:
While we work with erotic and sexual energy, there is no explicit sexual activity during the workshop sessions and all exercises are clothed. We recommend comfortable, sensual, and/or sexy clothing. (The hot tub is clothing optional for most hours.) Conscious touching and intimacy are encouraged as part of the retreat – with permission, of course! You are always at choice for any exercise or activity.

We would LOVE for you to join us! 

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