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Even in the midst of the chaos, do you believe a new reality is possible?

We do, too.

Step into new territory with us!

Stepping into new territory is living at the creative edges of what it
means to be human. It is bringing your deepest desires
into reality in collaboration with others.

Next Level
Paradigm Shift
Systems Change

Web 4.0
The Infinite Game
Second Tier

Emerging Future
Phase Shift
The Liminal Space

Doesn’t matter what you call it, we need a new way.

The elephant is not just in the room– it’s omnipresent and on a rampage! The status quo isn’t working, and it’s become impossible to ignore.

Ordinary is no longer enough…in our lives, relationships, organizations and for the world!

Things have to shift but how?
What is this new reality we are sensing?
How do we get there from here?

It’s time. Step into new territory and experience the life and world you KNOW in your bones is possible.

In order to do this we need new skills, and a different kind of map and compass to navigate unknown territory.

We need a common operating system which aligns us with each other and with life – because as much as we try, it is impossible to get what we each deeply desire alone.

We need gathering spaces where we can practice, learn, and share our experiences.

We need to be willing to be at the edges, learning as we live and lead in new territory.

And we need YOU. 

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Your NonOrdinary Home Base

We’ve created a home base for you — a NonOrdinary home, where you can be fully yourself while in deep connection; where you can make sense of the world, and experience new territory with others.  Where the benefits of online experience enhance every aspect of our lives. 

We are excited to be officially launching!  This platform, and what we hope to be able to offer and experience with it, has been a vision for almost two decades. It can only come fully to life with you. We would love for you to join us as one of our founding members. Below is the overview of what we are offering. 

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What is NonOrdinary Territory?

We are building NonOrdinary.com as a living, dynamic territory where we can explore and experience the new reality now. With the Four Forces as our compass and the Edges map as our guide, we are contributing to creating an online world that enhances and transforms the physical world. 

We will continue to experiment and develop more compelling methods and techniques to:

Learn and practice new skills.

    1. Untangle and align so we can help each other experience our deepest desires.
    2. Develop states of consciousness agility.
    3. Provide a platform that enhances REAL WORLD relationships, projects and organizations.


    4. Create paradigm shifting community in two ways:
      1. We are a living, dynamic experience of what is possible in a new paradigm community.
      2. The community itself shifts us –as a living consciousness field that enhances and accelerates our collective growth.

The Spaces and The Edges Training Portals

We offer two unique online training portals that give you flexibility to customize your experience and allow you to dive in at your interest level to the context most relevant to you. The Spaces focuses on your personal life, and The Edges is a deep dive for professionals of all kinds who want to have more impact through their work.  

Our intention for each portals is to offer: 

  • Live training zoom calls
  • Replays and self-paced training content
  • A dedicated group to connect with others in the space 
  • Discussions forums
  • Community and social events
  • Unique activity and engagement spaces
  • Enhancement of in-person, real world experiences through our online spaces

The Spaces

A Training Community For Your LIfe

Live in the new reality NOW,
while having a positive impact through living a fully expressed life. 

Do you want to live “all-in” and expand you capacity for pleasure, lifeforce, and deep relationship? Do you want to live a life, positively impacting the world around you?  Learn NonOrdinary skills and states at your own pace, following where your desire leads you.  Explore and experiment with other NonOrdinaries at The Spaces, our drop-in training community focused on your personal life.

The Edges

A PRofessional Training Collaborative

Have profound impact by leading, facilitating, and building at the edges of the new reality with skilled collaborators.

The Edges is a training collaborative for leaders  and “edge-walkers” of all kinds. More than a mastermind, The Edges gives you a one-of-a-kind training and engagement opportunity focused on  your unique offering in the world– supported by skilled, passionate, co-conspirators. 

We are building in public.

We have big plans and we know they are going to get even bigger and better with your genius! We want to build a new reality both online and off. Living at the edges of the new reality means there is a lot of experimenting, learning… and discovering what emerges as we collaborate! Our intention is to be transparent in our process, sharing our projects, next steps, experiments, and asking for your input.  

We are in Beta mode.

This website and community platform are new territory! What this means is we are working out the bugs, refining how we deliver our content, and seting up the community as we design this website. Even though Trish has been offering this work for decades, this is the first time we are offering this training community platform.

We are building a desire collaborative.

How can we help each other experience the lives and world we most deeply desire? We believe each of our visions, our longings, are informing what is possible. When we are skilled and aligned, not only is anything possible, we believe the outcome will be even greater than we can imagine. We want to make this website a support vehicle for bringing this belief to life. We need your help to do that. 


  • Find out what is happening behind the scenes.
  • Submit bugs, typos, and wtf issues.
  • Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.

Our Unique Training Approach

In nature, everything is connected to everything else. This interconnected nature of life is also reflected in NonOrdinary training.

We have found that each new concept, skill, or state impacts our understanding of the previous. A single experience can ripple through your life in unexpected ways. Each skill and state can be used in a variety of contexts and at multiple scales.

We are in the process of developing a custom approach to learning which honors the nonlinear, fractal nature of the NonOrdinary, while also providing clear organization and ease of navigation, so we can accelerate and amplify learning together.