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Eros at NonOrdinary

Exploring love, sex and soul

You don’t want a relationship…
You want a soul partner. Not a romanticized cliché, but rather someone who challenges you to be a better version of yourself. A partner who is willing to open deeply, reveal themselves and really KNOW you. Someone who encourages your uniqueness and remembers who you really are even when you can’t.

You don’t want to get laid…
You want mind-blowing sex, to be broken open, and stretched at the edge of your capacity for love, pleasure, and the divine. Quote from the NonOrdinary Manifesto.
The Eros meetup is for passionate lovers of all kinds that are interested in sharing and learning about love, sexuality, relationships, and the ecstatic, creating more connection and capacity for enjoyment. This group will be exploring a wide range of topics in personal and broader societal and cultural contexts. Please be comfortable with explicit sexual language (hard to talk about these topics otherwise). You are welcome if you are single, a couple or poly…we welcome any relationship status, denomination, sexual orientation, gender identity and lifestyle. Here are some sample of the kinds of topics we explore:
    • How to get what you want in relationships
    • Ecstatic sexuality and states of consciousness
    • What makes sex “mind-blowing”?
    • New paradigm, next level relationships
    • How to constantly fall in love with your partner
    • How not to lose yourself in relationship
    • How to flirt without being creepy
    • Healing trauma through relationships and sexuality
    • Transforming conflict in relationships
    • Cultivating and channeling sexual energy
    • Ethical nonmonogamy
    • How to enjoy your body and increase pleasure of all types
    • Cultivating desire and passion
    • Exploring taboos, morality & ethics
You might be asking…is this about “hooking up”? (Do people still call it that? 😉) Just like any other social setting, there is always the potential for meeting someone you click with. I met my husband in this very meetup group! However, the spirit of this group is learning in an open, playful, respectful environment – not a hookup space. Please do not reach out to people you have not yet met; you will be removed from the group if you do. And no pics – you know what I mean!

EROS Trainings:

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