A NonOrdinary Path Forward Series

Video 1: The Elephant in the World

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What is the Chaos Showing Us?

The elephant is not just in the room, it’s on a rampage and showing up everywhere! What used to work just isn’t working anymore.  We want to talk about important issues, and more and more we are avoiding talking in order to keep the peace. And when we do talk, it can seem like we are in completely different realities!!!  We know things have to change, but how?  What are we not seeing that the elephant is trying to show us? In this video, we will lay out the steps to understand and navigate the current intensity and chaos in the world, but more importantly, how this very chaos is showing us the path forward to the world we long for.

  • How everyone holds a piece of the solution if we can see it differently
  • How we need a different kind of paradigm shift – AND SKILLS!
  • How this point in history is different – evolution has changed, learning while unlearning
  • Why we can’t describe what it will look like – and why it is both scary and exciting
  • Why we need to go from personal growth to group and collective growth (deep collaboration)
  • Why sacrifice and compromise don’t work