NonOrdinary EDGES
Facilitator Training

Exponentially Amplify Your Impact

You’ll Learn:

  • How to handle group dynamics, intensity and triggers so that you can get beyond them to new territory.
  • Ways to identify strategies and help others experience what they are most deeply desiring. 
  • Nonordinary skills such as subtle senses, consciousness fields, intuition and EdgesWork to get new layers of information and paradigm shifting transformation.
  • A map and compass that helps you navigate the current paradigm, while living and helping others shift into the new paradigm. 

Special Founders’ Cohort
Course Dates: Begins November 30, 2023
Course Length:
 12 months in 3 Sessions

Work at the paradigm-shifting level and exponentially amplify your impact with clients, groups, organizations and culture while living a fully expressed, ecstatic life.

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Three Semesters with Three Core Trainings

NFT has three organizing semesters: Self, Others, and Groups. Each builds on the previous, adding scale and complexity. They also inform each other. For example, facilitating groups may reveal limiting beliefs you have about your self that you need to work with in order to expand your effectiveness. Each semester covers the 12-week core foundation training, deepening with each level. This is intended to give you the overview of the territory and core skills. 

Core One: SELF

Being the Tuning Fork

Align with life and the deep desire you want to bring into the world. Design your unique personal utopia and offering. 


Amplifying Your Impact

Understand any paradigm, cultivate deep relationship, and facilitate others getting what they deeply desire. Invite others to join you.


Harnessing the Collective

Facilitate group transformation, collaboration, collective intelligence, and evolving edge culture.

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