Even paradigm shifting needs a paradigm shift.

Can you feel it, too?

The Shift

The New Paradigm

Systems Change



Web 3.0

The Infinite Game

Second Tier


Emerging Future

Phase Shift

Doesn’t matter what you call it, we need a new way.

The elephant is not just in the room, it is on a rampage and showing up everywhere!

The status quo isn’t working, and it’s become impossible to ignore. At the same time, many of us are sensing a new possibility… a new paradigm… not just for the world, but for our lives, relationships, and organizations.

So, why does it seem that the world around us is growing more dystopian and chaotic every day? Rather than a new way, why does it seem we are doubling down on the old ways, repeating history, and escalating “us versus them,” even over the dinner table?

We know things have to shift, but how?

What is this new reality we are sensing? How do we get there from here?

NonOrdinary is living at the creative edges of what it means to be human.
It is your deepest desires becoming a reality in collaboration with others.
We have a map and compass.
You choose the adventure.

NonOrdinary offers a one-of-a-kind training framework that gives access to new paradigm skills and states of consciousness. These “levers” not only enhance every aspect of your life, when practiced with others they break open new options that just aren’t available in our current paradigm.

Developed over 30 years, through thousands of hours of research, workshops and process sessions by Trish Blain, this unique approach is being offered for the first time in combination with a community training platform.

Amplify your impact and facilitate the path forward.
Collaborate and accelerate with skilled co-conspirators.
Create ecstatic relationships and sexuality.
Experience what you most deeply desire.
Be NonOrdinary!

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What could you create with the support of skilled co-conspirators? Let’s find out.

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Curious? Great!

Be NonOrdinary!

Curious? Great!

Explore & Experiment

Join in a fun class, take a training, or come to an experiential event.

Join NonOrdinary Society

What could you create with the support of skilled, co-conspirators? Let’s find out.

Take a Professional Training

Learn facilitation and leadership skills to amplify your impact.
Coming In January 2023
NonOrdinary Orientation Series

What is the new reality? How do we get there from here? 

Making Sense of the Chaos
What is the chaos showing us? Why aren’t our current approaches working? How do we stop repeating history?
The NonOrdinary

How do you navigate unknown territory? What are the steps on a nonlinear, multidimensional path? 

The Four Forces Compass

What are the core levers that allow you to untangle the past while creating a new reality with others? 

Celebrate the official beginning of NonOrdinary Society with us and learn how you can become a founder. 

Some of the Upcoming Featured Trainings


Original Desire Weekend


Peak AND Ecstatic stateS


Evolutionary Development


The LEvers of Consciousness
Professional Trainings

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NonOrdinary Mastermind
Welcome to NonOrdinary!
It’s not too late… but it is definitely about time!

In my early 20s, I had the idealistic belief that I could help create a better world by opening an environmentally conscious products store. It didn’t take long to notice that my “like-minded” customers were often shockingly at odds with each other – and with me! Sound familiar?

This led me to ask a life-defining question: “How can we create a better world when everyone has a different idea of what that means?” I wondered if there were common desires that we could all agree on.  
And WOW, did life deliver!

My life became the training ground for what would evolve into The Four Forces Framework. Excited to share my experiences, I started teaching and working with people. While it was clear that the work was transformative – both for my clients and myself – I struggled to describe it to others. It just didn’t fit into any of the ordinary boxes. And I wasn’t the only one with this problem. When new clients contacted me, they often began the conversation with some variant of “I have no idea what you do – my friend just told me to call you.”

It took me a while to fully understand that a new paradigm requires not only new language and skills, but also new states of consciousness that are difficult to describe or comprehend without experiencing them firsthand. This realization prompted new questions: “How do we get there from here? What is the process for shifting paradigms?”

This line of inquiry also led me to an important personal realization. I had to stop and acknowledge that I was feeling exhausted – soul-weary, in fact. When combined with the increasing challenges in the world, I imagine that you might relate to having a sense of déjà vu and wondering “What’s the point?”

This reflection brought me back to what sparked it all… a deep knowing that more is possible. A better world isn’t a destination – it’s an ecstatic state of consciousness that allows us to experience why we wanted to be human in the first place. It is time to help each other get what we most deeply desire. That’s the point.

It’s time to create a world that affirms: “Yes! This is why I am alive!”

Let’s do that.

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