Ordinary is no longer enough.

We need a new state of consciousness.

NonOrdinary is for badass lovers of life who want to create at the edges of possibility.

Paradigm Shift
Systems Change
Web 4.0
The Infinite Game
Second Tier
Emerging Future
Phase Shift
The Liminal Space

Doesn’t matter what you call it, a new reality is here.

The elephant is not just in the room– it’s omnipresent and on a rampage! The status quo isn’t working, and it’s become impossible to ignore.

Ordinary is no longer enough…in our lives, relationships, organizations and for the world.

The fact is, we are in new territory and we need a new way of navigating and creating together. 

What is this new reality?  How do we update the old and anchor in the new ways? How do we navigate together in unknown, constantly-evolving territory? 

It’s time. Experience the life and world you KNOW in your bones is possible.

In order to do this we need new skills, and a different kind of map and compass to navigate unknown territory.

We need a common operating system which aligns us with each other and with life – because as much as we try, it is impossible to get what we each deeply desire alone.

We need gathering spaces where we can practice, learn, and share our experiences.

We need to be willing to be at the edges, learning as we live and lead in new territory.

And we need YOU. 

Doesn’t matter what you call it…we are in new territory. 

Now what?  

We believe in order to experience the lives and world we know-in-our-bones is possible we need a new state of consciousness.

We call this new state of consciousness, consciousness agility.   

This new state requires training, and experiential practice with others in a variety of contexts.

As we learn the skills, we can cultivate self-facilitating relationships, groups, communities and organizations that can collaborate in exciting new ways. We open up options that aren’t currently available, amplifying our impact and creative power, both individually and collectively.

NonOrdinary.com offers new paradigm training and a collaborative platform for individuals, groups and organizations to develop consciousness agility and create at the edges of the new reality, together.