Can you feel it, too?

The Shift

The New Paradigm

Systems Change



Web 3.0

The Infinite Game

Second Tier


Emerging Future

Phase Shift

Doesn’t matter what you call it, a new reality is emerging…

The elephant is not just in the room– it’s omnipresent and on a rampage!

The status quo isn’t working, and it’s become impossible to ignore. At the same time, many of us are sensing a new possibility… for our lives, relationships, and organizations. 

So, why does it seem that the world around us is growing more dystopian and chaotic every day? Rather than a new way, why does it seem we are doubling down on the old ways, repeating history, and escalating “us versus them,” even over the dinner table?

Things have to shift, but how?  What is this new reality we are sensing? How do we get there from here?

Even paradigm shifting needs a paradigm shift.

While we may be in agreement that we need the old paradigm to shift, there are a lot of versions of what the future should look like. Debating which is best is getting in the way of actually creating it.

We see the shifting differently.

Rather than moving to a single paradigm, we believe we need to be able to understand, navigate and craft ANY paradigm– including ones we haven’t yet dreamed of! In order to do this we need to learn the underlying skills and states of consciousness that are at the foundations of reality itself.

Untangling reality…

We believe the current chaos, polarity and challenges are actually showing us the way forward….we just have to untangle it.

We have everything we need right now to create a new reality. We don’t need new technology, new discoveries in space, new understandings of molecular chemistry before we can begin creating; we have the potential and desires within us, and the materials around us, and while tangled and confused, we know this to be true, deep in our bones.

When we untangle it, we align with life and each other. This gives us the ability to collaborate, enhance, and actualize each other’s visions in powerful new ways. We like to think of the new reality as a utopia of utopias.

The Four Forces Compass
The Four Forces Framework affirms the simple yet profound idea that our individual, cultural, and collective worldviews are created and supported by our experiences, understandings, and pursuits of four core desires: Connection, Expression, Purpose and Growth.

These four desires make up the foundation of human motivation; they are forces of life that move us toward greater awareness, creativity, meaning, and evolution – whether we know it or not. Becoming aware of how these forces dynamically play into our lives gives us levers to experience more of life.

Best of all, they are foundational consciousness skills that can be learned, orienting us with flexibility toward consciousness and providing access to new states and experiences of reality.
How do you map unknown territory?
You can’t use an old map to explore a new world. – Albert Einstein
Venturing into uncharted territory requires a different kind of navigation. Rather than relying on a static set of known linear steps, we need dynamic skills for working with the edges as they transform and evolve.

When used individually or collectively, the Four Forces compass orients us to our deepest desires and invites us to dream our greatest dreams for our best possible realities.

NonOrdinary offers an applicable, one-of-a-kind framework that supports you in untangling the current reality, helping you identify where you are and how you want to proceed– even into unknown, constantly-evolving territory.
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
We would much rather have an elephant to dinner than for dinner, but the saying is helpful. The current challenges and conflicts in the world can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know what to do or where to even start.

NonOrdinary provides you with bite-sized content that has a big impact. We think of each concept, skill, and state of consciousness as a “lever” that gives you choices about how you experience and impact now-reality while you dream and create future-reality.
What makes you excited to be alive? Let’s do that.

These “levers” will enhance every aspect of your life; but when utilized with other people, they break open new options that just aren’t available in our current paradigm. And the truth is, we can’t create and experience what we most deeply desire without each other.

Nonordinary is….

Amplify your impact and facilitate the path forward.
Collaborate and accelerate with skilled co-conspirators.
Create ecstatic relationships and sexuality.
Experience what you most deeply desire.
Be NonOrdinary!

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