Life at the
Evolving Edge

Can you feel it, too?  Whether you call it a paradigm shift, 5D, gameB, second tier, the infinite game or the emerging future… it is palpable. Ordinary is no longer enough. We need a new reality — new ways of being, collaborating, and creating.

We call this new reality, NonOrdinary.

Are you NonOrdinary?
You don't want money.
You want financial freedom and real wealth, doing the work you love, using your gifts and having a positive impact.
You don't want a relationship.
You want a soul partner. Not a romanticized cliché, but rather someone who challenges you to be a better version of yourself. A partner who is willing to open deeply, reveal themselves and really KNOW you. Someone who encourages your uniqueness and remembers who you really are even when you can’t.
You don't want to get laid.
You want to have mind-blowing sex, be broken open, and stretched at the edge of your capacity for love, pleasure, and the divine.
You don't want 10,000 Facebook friends.
You want a kickass army of allies who have your back, encourage you to live big, and are there to help you create, mastermind, and bring into the world what you know is possible. And of course, you want to have fun in the process!
You don't want to change your body.
You want to thrive, be filled with vitality, and love being alive. You want to be healthy and fully enjoy the pleasures of being in a body while remembering you are so much more than a body.
You don't want to be enlightened.
You want to live fully in the world, awake, wide open, and on fire. You want to explore the edges of consciousness while celebrating your humanness and embracing the rich spectrum of emotion and experience.
You don't want to get control of your life.
You want to feel the excitement and challenge of evolving… the satisfaction that comes from growing, expanding, and pushing yourself to new levels of mastery.
You don't want to change people.
You want to enjoy their uniqueness and be seen in yours. You want to learn, collaborate, cross-pollinate, and evolve together.
You don't want a better world.
You want your own utopia. Not one of those dull dystopian versions of sameness, but rather a utopia of utopias. A reality where your utopia enhances everyone else’s. A world filled with expressions of uniqueness, possibility and deep collaboration with each other and with life.  
And most importantly... you don’t want to pick one of these.

You want them all…
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NonOrdinary gives you new evolving edge skills
for experiencing, crafting and impacting reality…

at every level…


Your Own Utopia


Ecstatic Relationships and Sex


Exponential Impact


A Path Forward

Learn and create with skilled community…

Explore relevant topics from a NonOrdinary perspective, learn with friends new and old.

Exponentially amplify your impact and pleasure in your personal and professional life. 

Advanced training, collaboration and prototyping platform for evolving edge creators. 

NonOrdinary offers a common operating system that aligns you with life. When we align with life, we align with each other.
Curious to learn more? Join us for our launch event.

A New Reality

Join us for our official launch of NonOrdinary!
Live classes, free mini courses, meetups, social events and a special invite to be a founding member of NonOrdinary Society.

A New Reality

Join us for our official launch of NonOrdinary!
Live classes, free mini courses, meetups, social events and a special invite to be a founding member of NonOrdinary Society.

Don’t miss our 8-part video series.
A NonOrdinary Path Forward

What is all the chaos trying to tell us?

The elephant is not just in the room, it’s on a rampage and showing up everywhere! What used to work just isn’t working anymore.  We want to talk about important issues, yet more and more we are avoiding talking in order to keep the peace. And when we do talk, it can seem like we are in completely different realities! We know things have to change, but how?  What are we not seeing that the elephant is trying to show us? 

In this series, we explore 8 key elements of living at the evolving edge, and how we can create the lives and world we long for.

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