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What is Emergence Work? Client Description

Trish Blain December 14, 2020

What if your life is trying to show you how to more fully be you?

What if your body has the answer to how to connect more deeply?

What if your fears want trying to tell you what you most deeply desire and how to get it?

It is amazing what emerges when we give it space to be seen and heard – and when done in community it is a truly powerful path to transformation.

During our process work, we follow “what wants to happen” as we explore what our bodies, emotions, and soul are trying to tell us. Each person has a chance to do a piece of individual work while being supported by the community. When each of us does our personal work, we transform each other. As it emerges, there are opportunities for process work as a group.

What is Emergence Work?

Emergence work combines the Four Forces Framework, with the philosophy of Processwork. Processwork was developed by psychologist Arnold Mindell and has roots in Jungian and Gestalt psychologies, Shamanism, Taoism, sociology, and physics. It focuses on following the moment and allowing what is present to emerge and inform. Going beyond ordinary perception, we invite deeper awareness to see where it leads us. In this practice, we add the element of intention by bringing a desire or aspect of our lives to be explored and/or transformed. The Four Forces gives us the cognitive structure and skills to bring our new awareness into practical application and integration into our lives.

Benefits of Emergence Work

  • Deepening Self Awareness
  • Fuller understanding of symptoms, patterns & beliefs
  • Discovering new choices and powerful reframing
  • Connecting with our power
  • Rewiring our capacity for pleasure and lifeforce
  • Finding the underlying cause of triggers and reactions
  • Identifying and healing of past personal trauma
  • Transforming conflict and power dynamics
  • Shifting dynamics in relationships & groups
  • Opening up creativity and unexpected solutions
  • Identifying systemic patterns and dynamics

Emergence Work Principles:

  • Everything is giving you information. Everything is meaningful.
  • You are always at choice, and leading the process.
  • All disruptions, conflicts, symptoms, feelings, urges, behaviors, are ultimately trying to reveal a deeper truth.
  • Inherently, there is a desire to move towards health and wholeness. Life wants you to be deeper in connection, expression, purpose and growth.
  • “Following the breadcrumbs” and being open to layers of perception, we allow the healing/insight to emerge.
  • There are no “goals”, only to facilitate awareness to follow an intention or question.
  • Change is welcome, however not a goal or necessity.
  • There is a starting point, however, you may or may not end up getting insight into the original issue.

What Happens During Individual Work?

While exploring the edges, you will always be at choice and offered options of how to navigate what comes up.

First, you have the opportunity to share what you would like to explore during your time. You will be asked questions as we lay out the known territory.

During the core of the work, the facilitator will be noticing and following what shows up in your movements, words, breath, energetic field or in the room. Everything that is happening is part of the process.

Using nonordinary perception, and a variety of techniques and modalities, each session will unfold and look unique. It may be very active and physical, or it might be quiet and subtle. Sometimes members of the group are invited (with your permission) to play a role in the process. Being seen and supported by the community is a key part of the transformational process.

The session is ended when it feels like the exploration is complete (within a rough time frame) and often ends with group reflection.

What Happens During Group Work?

Our individual work is deeply linked with the world around us. We are not separate. As we dive in to transform ourselves, we touch into family patterns, cultural beliefs and collective trauma that goes beyond our individual experiences. When we gather in nonordinary community, we open up the opportunity to do bigger work, healing collective trauma and group patterns. Similar to individual session work, we follow what wants to happen for the group as a whole using a variety of techniques and modalities.