Defining Your Offering

Pods Week 2:  Wednesday, May 29th

Projects Step 2: Defining Your Field / Project / Offering

In this step, we want to lean into defining your project, business, or offering. You don’t need to know the details, but we want to start making some choices. You can change your mind and refine as you go. Pick a form and define your project.

  • What is the question that you are answering?
    • For example: The FFF was created from asking the question about our highest common desires in order to have a common vision of a better world.
  • What problem do you want to solve?
  • What doubts or concerns do you have coming up?
  • What point of view do you want to offer that is different?
  • What form is the project? Is it….
    • An article, workshop?
    • Starting your coaching business (getting your first client)?
    • A new habit, such as writing everyday?
    • A podcast?
    • A song, or performance?
  • Who do you want to do it with?
  • Who is it for?

In your pods, share how you are defining your project and help each other clarify through asking questions and sharing impressions. Encourage each other to dive in and pick something as a starting place. Have fun with it!