What Is the New Reality?
How Do We Get There from Here?

A 3-Part Video Series
with Trish Blain

The Current Reality

What is the chaos trying to tell us? How did we get here? How do we stop repeating history?


The CUrrent reality

Making Sense of the Chaos

In part one, we explore:

  • Key problems that we keep trying to solve and why our current approaches don’t work.
  • Powerful shifts in thinking about these problems that give you the context to understand how we got here and what is happening now.
  • How these shifts are the key to defining and creating the new reality you are sensing.

Video One

The Which Reality Problem

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, how do we agree on which version of reality to work towards?

Available July 15

Video TWO

The Peak States Problem

With more and more of us experiencing expanded states of consciousness through meditation, tantra and psychedelics, why do we still fall back into old patterns?

available JULY 15

Video TWO

The Other Person Problem

How do you get what you want when others won’t cooperate?

available JULY 15


The Trigger Problem

Why have we become so reactionary? Why does it feel like we have to walk on eggshells with each other? Why has cancel culture become the norm? 

Video FOUR

The Polarity Problem

Why are we growing more polarized and having to make what seem like impossible, no win choices, in our personal lives and in society?

available JULY 15

Video FIVE

The Power, Money and Sex Problem

If power corrupts, money is the root of all evil, and sex is taboo, why do we keep pursuing them so enthusiasticly?

Available JuLY 15

Video SIX

The Woo Woo Problem

The battle of science versus spirituality, physical versus metaphysical, good versus evil, my heaven versus yours… How do we end the battles once and for all?

Available JuLy 15


The Paradigm Gap Problem

How do we traverse the gap from here to there?

Available July 15


The Untangling

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. How do we stop repeating history and finally get what we want? What is the path forward?

Available July 15

Part 2 and 3 of this series is an overview of our foundation course called "NonOrdinary Reality: The Compass & Map."

Cohort ONE

The Compass

Navigating Realities

In part two of this series, we explore:

  • Why your deepest desire is the key to the new paradigm.
  • How The Four Forces Framework is a compass, aligning you with life and others. 
  • What the core “levers” are to navigate, understand and craft ANY reality.

Video Nine

Original Desire

What is the point of being human? What’s your soul’s deepest desire? Let’s do that.

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Video ten

The Four Forces Compass

What does it mean to align with life and each other? Explore the framework that allows you to navigate, craft and experience ANY reality.

Available July 26

Video Eleven

The Connection Shift

An introduction to the levers of perception, the expanded senses, love and consciousness.

Available August 2

Video Twelve

The Expression Shift

An introduction to the levers of perspective, identity, power, and the many facets of your multidimensional self.

Available AUGust 9

Week Thirteen

The Purpose Shift

An introduction to the levers of sensemaking, relationship, meaning, order and the underlying blueprint of life. 

Available August 16

Week Fourteen

The Growth Shift

An introduction to the levers of aliveness, sexual energy, creativity and emergence.

Available August 23


The New Territory

Mapping the Edges

In part three of this series, we explore:

  • What it means to live in the new reality with all Four Forces working together. 
  • A map that helps you identify where you are, even in unknown, constantly evolving territory.
  • The nonlinear, fractal processs steps that allow you to enjoy the new reality NOW, while shifting the outdated reality as you learn.

Video Fifteen

The Consciousness Edge

Expand what it means to be human through nonordinary states of consciousness, ecstasis, deep intuition, natural intelligence, psychedelics and navigating multidimensional reality.

Available August 30

Video Sixteen

The Shifting Edge

Sort through what you’ve experienced and learned, harvesting and composting as you go. Every conflict, trigger, past and current problem is informing how to get what you want— when you untangle it. 

Available SEPTEMBER 6

Video seventeen

The Contextual Edge

Apply and adapt the levers of the new paradigm to a variety of real life contexts and scales — with others. Expand your capacity for coherence, complexity, collaboration, collective intelligence and transcontextual thinking.

Available September 13

Video Eighteen

The Emerging Edge

Step into new territory. Intensify your aliveness and creativity as you embrace the unknown with flexibility of consciousness, experimentation, improvisation, and the ability to follow what wants to happen.

Available September 20

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