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This space is for participants of
Alexander Beiner’s course
“New Ways of Knowing.”

Adapt, thrive, and transform in an age of crisis and transition. Learn from the brightest minds in complexity studies, systems change, cognitive science, and personal development. Tap into new ways of knowing to expand your perspective.

Welcome everyone!

Let’s keep the conversation going! We’re happy to be offering a collaboration between Alexander Beiner and Trish Blain for New Ways of Knowing alumni. Trish and Ali have been working together since 2019, brought together by their mutual love of exploring and creating at the edges of the new territory.

As part of the course bonuses, you are invited to a free two-month training subscription to “The Levers” level here at NonOrdinary.com (see below). It’s a chance to dive deeper into nonordinary skills, The Four Forces, and to cultivate states of consciousness agility.

In addition, as part of “The Levers” training subscription, you will have access to the new format for our collaborative course, NonOrdinary Sensemaking.

NonOrdinary Sensemaking is an approach designed to help people bring a new lens to what’s going on in culture, politics, and technology, moving beyond ‘woo’ to seriously engage with the weird, complex reality of the times we live in.

Sessions will take place once a month (starting on March 12th) here at NonOrdinary, a new platform created by Trish to host her work as well as other teachers’ practices, videos, frameworks, and courses.  Ali is one of the founding members; Trish and Ali are also developing a new collaborative course on creativity, which will be announced soon.

The NonOrdinary Sensemaking sessions will be included in the free two-month training subscription, and if you decide you want to you want to continue with your NonOrdinary training membership after that, you’ll be joining a community of like-minded people interested in bringing nonordinary approaches into culture, spirituality, relationships, and more.

Please note: You will need to put in a form of payment, but with the coupon your balance will be zero. You need to cancel before the 60 days in order to not get billed the $97. When you cancel, you will still have access until the end of the 60 days. We will notify you when it will renew soon, and should you get charged when you wanted to cancel, just let us know right away (within 7 days) and we will refund your subscription.

Sign up for a Free 60 Day Training Subscription.

Use the coupon code “NWK2024” and receive:

The Levers

Personal Training Subscription 

Expand your capacity for pleasure and aliveness. Learn the skills of the nonordinary in the context of living a fully-expressed life while having a positive impact. THE LEVERS focuses on personal skills and how to apply new reality skills to how you experience the world around you. 

The Core Four

Learn the underlying levers of reality. Explore your life from a NonOrdinary perspective using The Four Forces and Edges Map. Untangle and amplify connection, expression, purpose, and growth.

The Cosmos

Expand what it means to be human beyond the physical. Develop your subtle senses and experiment with intuition games. Explore and navigate the metaphysical.

States Agility

Learn the levers that allow you to move between states of consciousness. Explore peak, nonordinary, and ecstatic states, as well as the states needed to navigate in new territory.

A collaboration with
Alexander Beiner

NonOrdinary Sensemaking

Gain a unique perspective of what is currently happening in the world. Each month we dive into a current event using the skills of nonordinary sensemaking.

Questions? Ask Mari!