What Is the New Reality?

How Do We Get There from Here?

A NonOrdinary 3-Part Series
with Trish Blain

Can you feel it too?

The Shift

The New Paradigm


Fifth Dimension

Web 3.0

The Infinite Game

Second Tier


Emerging Future

Phase Shift

Doesn’t matter what you call it, we need a new way.

The elephant is not just in the room, it is on a rampage and showing up everywhere!

The status quo isn’t working, and it’s become impossible to ignore. At the same time, many of us are sensing a new possibility…a new paradigm…not just for the world, but in your life, relationships and organizations.

Are you feeling it too…a knowing that so much more is possible?

So why does the world around us seem to be growing more dystopian and chaotic every day? Rather than a new way, why does it seem we are doubling down on the old ways, repeating history, and escalating “us versus them,” even over the dinner table?

We know things have to shift, but how?

What is this new reality, and how do we get there from here?

In This Masterclass Series,
We Will Explore the Questions…
How did we get here? Why do we keep repeating patterns in our lives, and through history?
What is the “new reality?” What does it look and feel like?
How do we do it? What are the steps, skills and shifts we need to create it?
And Most Importantly…
How can YOU get what most deeply desire, while having a positive impact and enjoying life in the process?

Part ONE

Making Sense of the Chaos

In part one of this series, we explore:

  • Key problems that we keep trying to solve and why our current approaches don’t work.
  • Powerful shifts in thinking about these problems that give you the context to understand how we got here and what is happening now.
  • How these shifts are the key to defining and creating the new reality you are sensing.


The Which Reality Problem

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, how do we agree on which version of reality to work towards?

Available June 16

Video TWO

The Other Person Problem

How do you get what you want when others won’t cooperate?

available June 17

Video Three

The Power, Money and Sex Problem

If power corrupts, money is the root of all evil, and sex is taboo, why do we keep persuing them so agressively?

Available June 18

Video FOUR

The Woo Woo Problem

The battle of science versus spirituality, good versus evil, my heaven versus yours, how to we end the battles once and for all?

Available June 19

Video Five

The Paradigm Gap Problem

How do we traverse the gap from here to there?

Available June 20

Video SIX

The Tangle, Flip Flop and Loop

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. How do we stop repeating history and finally get what we want?

Available June 21

Part TWO

How to Be a Reality Shifter

In part two of this series, we explore:

  • Why desire is the key to the new paradigm.
  • How The Four Forces Framework aligns you with life and others by giving you the core levers to navigate, understand and experience ANY reality.
  • The processs steps that allow you to enjoy the new reality NOW, while shifting the outdated reality as you learn.


Original Desire

Before everything, what did you want? Let’s do that.

Available June 22

Video Eight

The Four Forces Levers

Learn the levers to navigate, craft and experience, ANY reality.

Available June 23

Video NINE

The Shifting Edge

Every conflict, trigger and past problem is informing how to get what you want, when you untangle it.

Available June 24

Video ten

The Evolving Edge

What are the skills we need to live in new territory?

Available June 25

Video Eleven

The NonLinear, Fractal Process

Learn the four stages of becoming NonOrdinary, and living in the new reality.

Available June 26

Video Twelve

The Ecstatic Human

What happens when the ecstatic is everyday?

Available June 27


Living in New Territory

In part three of this series, we explore:

  • How you can have exponential positive impact without effort or sacrifice. 
  • How these shifts and skills break open new possibilities in real life.
  • A possible vision of the future we call the NonOrdinary Manifesto.

The NonOrdinary Manifesto

You don’t want money.
You want financial freedom and real wealth, doing the work you love, using your gifts and having a positive impact.
You don’t want a relationship.
You want a soul partner. Not a romanticized cliché, but rather someone who challenges you to be a better version of yourself. A partner who is willing to open deeply, reveal themselves and really KNOW you. Someone who encourages your uniqueness and remembers who you really are even when you can’t.
You don’t want to get laid.
You want mind-blowing sex, to be broken open, and stretched at the edge of your capacity for love, pleasure, and the divine.
You don’t want to 10,000 friends.
You want a kickass army of allies who have your back, encourage you to live big, and are there to help you create, mastermind, and bring into the world what you know is possible. And of course, you want to have fun in the process!
You don’t want to change your body.
You want to thrive, be filled with vitality, and love being alive. You want to be healthy and fully enjoy the pleasures of being in a body while remembering you are so much more than a body.
You don’t want to be enlightened.
You want to live fully in the world, awake, wide open, and on fire. You want to explore the edges of consciousness while celebrating your humanness and embracing the rich spectrum of emotion and experience.
You don’t want to be in control.
You want to feel the excitement and challenge of evolving… the satisfaction that comes from growing, expanding, and pushing yourself to new levels of mastery.
You don’t want to change people.
You want to enjoy their uniqueness and be seen in yours. You want to learn, collaborate, cross-pollinate, and evolve together.
You don’t want a better world.
You want your own utopia. Not one of those dull dystopian versions of sameness, but rather a utopia of utopias. A reality where your utopia enhances everyone else’s. A world filled with expressions of uniqueness, possibility and deep collaboration with each other and with life.

You don’t want to pick just one of these… 

You want them all. 

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