Consciousness Agility

Customize your experience with a variety of ways to learn, experiment, and share…

In the context that is most important to you.

Going beyond courses, we are creating a dynamic ecosystem where you can practice, experiment and create with SKILLED co-conspiritors.

Customize your experience.

Consciousness agility means being able to choose how you experience and impact the world within and around you. In service of this intention, we have designed our training to be able to track your learning across multiple contexts and applications. 

We also believe that its important to experience and explore different ways of learning in the context that is most compelling and relevant to your life. How we do this is through a foundation of spaces, blocks and happenings.


Our spaces are organizing hubs around a topic, activity or group. They allow you to pick and choose what you want to learn, experience and create. Each space is customized. We will be experimenting with unique ways to inspire, train and collaborate.


Our training content is delivered in completable “Lego-like blocks” that allow you to track your learning across spaces and happenings. This approach accelerates your learning through application in a variety of contexts. Learn more about our training approach here.


Happenings are live events that bring us together to learn, practice, share and socialize. Happenings are both on-line zoom calls and in person events. See happenings calendar here.

Choose your context and community.

We offer three ways for you to participate — a la carte, and through our two training subscriptions. We are currently offering a special founder’s invitation for our training subscriptions.

The Spaces

A la Carte Offerings

Have a nonordinary experience! Pick and choose what is most compelling to you. We offer a variety of spaces, trainings and happenings that are open enrollment, including taster events, meetups, cohort courses and retreats. Join our free membership for access to complementary spaces. 

The Levers

Personal Training Community Subscription

Create the life you know in-your-bones is possible. Connect with others that want to cultivate new paradigm community while having a positive impact. Access exclusive member only spaces through The Levers monthly training subscription. 

The Edges

Professional Training Collaborative Subscription

Amplify your impact, expand your capacity and collaborate with badass, skilled co-conspiritors. The Edges monthly training subscription offers curated spaces for leaders, facilitators and builders at the edges of the new reality. Opportunities to promote your work, and to participate in our collaborative partner program.