The Knowledge Graph

We treat each piece of content like a Lego block or brick that can be used to build courses and events or that can also be searched and explored organically. 

This Allows You to:

  • Navigate content in nonlinear ways, and explore connections between concepts and practices. 
  • Track your individual lessons and practices, see what content you have completed and how it relates to the new topic you are exploring. 
  • Explore how a skill or concept can be applied in a variety of contexts and scales. 
  • Customize your own learning paths. 

In Development Now:
Right now, the connections will be accessed through tags, categories, search, and suggested content,  however we are actively working on a simple visual representation of the Knowledge Graph (as pictured) that allows you to navigate it directly. 

Future Developments:
We are currently researching and learning about the possibilities of knowledge graphs (as well as other tools) and how we can enhance both your experience and how it can be used to develop collective intelligence by the community. 

  • Customizable learning paths based on assessments and AI. 
  • Ways to add community content and track individuals experiences and iterations.
  • Gamified, graphic interface that is fun and creative. 
  • You tell us!

Here are some interesting thought leaders that we came across as we have been developing our approach: