The Levers

Personal Training Community


  • Expanded ways to navigate and create in new territory.
  • Easier access and navigation of states of consciousness.
  • Greater capacity for pleasure and aliveness.
  • Richer and more satisfying relationships, including new paradigm community.
  • New tools and choices for understanding what is happening in the world, and having a positive impact.
  • A deeper relationship with the nonordinary, nonphysical, and metaphysical.

Create new paradigm community and the life you know in your bones is possible while having a positive impact.

Exclusive Training & Community Spaces

Untangling Reality

The Levers (Personal)
Learn the underlying levers of reality. Explore your life from a NonOrdinary perspective using The Four Forces and Edges Map. Untangle and amplify connection, expression, purpose, and growth.

NonOrdinary Sensemaking

The Levers (Personal)
Gain a unique perspective of what is currently happening in the world. Each month we dive into an emergent topic with nonordinary sensemaking skills and practices.

States Agility

The Levers (Personal)
Learn the levers that allow you to move between states of consciousness. Explore peak, nonordinary, and ecstatic states, as well as the states needed to navigate in new territory.

The Language of the NonOrdinary

The Levers (Personal)
Expand what it means to be human beyond the physical. Develop your subtle senses and experiment with intuition games. Explore and navigate the metaphysical.

Upcoming Happenings at The Levers

Apr 23
NonOrdinary Sensemaking

Explore compelling topics in nonordinary ways.


  • Experiencing deep connection
  • Connecting without losing yourself
  • Being an empath without overwhelm
  • Amplifying senses
  • Cultivating oneness
  • We-spaces navigation


  • Living a fully expressed life
  • Power 
  • Cultivating Desire
  • Multifaceted Self
  • Fractal Identity
  • Shifting Perspectives
  • Unique Self
  • Expanding Pleasure


  • Meaning Making
  • Sensemaking
  • Defining Your Utopia
  • Complexity & Systems
  • Untangling Beliefs and Strategies
  • The Third Thing
  • Consciousness Fields


  • Working with Big Energy & Intensifying Aliveness
  • Rewiring Circuit Breakers
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Money as Fuel
  • Flow States
  • Embracing the Unknown
  • Working with Fear

Nonordinary Skills

  • States of Consciousness Agility
  • The subtle senses
  • Intuition
  • Sacred medicine integration
  • Metaphysics

Relationships & Sexuality

  • Eros & desire
  • Paradigm shifting relationships
  • Ecstatic sexuality
  • Kundalini & sexual energy
  • Your Unique Relationship 

Triggers & Trauma

  • Emotional Agility
  • Working with Triggers
  • Clearing Trauma
  • Co-regulation
  • Super-regulation

Community Cultivation

  • New Paradigm Community
  • Collaboration 
  • Group Fields
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Conscious Culture Creation
Our 3:1 Rythm

Three weeks a month we focus on training with new content and live Zoom calls. One week a month we designate as “Community Week,” focusing on developing relationships with each other and sharing our unique gifts. It gives space to integrate and celebrate. 

Explore the possibilities as you desire. These spaces are open and modular. No prerequisites or commitments required. Drop in to any of the calls or included events, anytime. 


  • Unique Interactive Spaces
  • Live training zoom calls
  • Self-paced courses
  • Discussions / Forums
  • Experiments & Prompts
  • Community and Social Events
  • Meetups

What you will receive 

in The Levers:

  • 6 Live online training calls a month (with replays)
  • 3  Live community calls for practice and social events
  • Weekly training content with videos, transcripts, and worksheets
  • Facilitated online skills practice for cultivating a new paradigm, skilled community.
  • Access to library of expanded content, past trainings and replays with tracking to create your own customized learning paths.
  • Community groups, discussions, and chat to connect and share with other members throughout the world.
  • Participate in Community Week, and share your genius with others.
  • Special invites and a 10% discounts to cohort courses, retreats, and events.

We would love for you to join us!

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Scholarship and Financial Consideration

We understand that for many, resources may be limited. If you feel drawn to this training subscription, but it is beyond your budget, please apply for financial consideration here.

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Our Guarantee

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