The Other Person Problem

If only THEY would do what you want, everything would be great!  If only you could get your spouse, your boss, the idiots on the other political side, your family…. to understand then they would see the error of their ways!  How can you make a difference, when THEY keep getting in your way and making it hard? Yes, and….how’s that working? We can bully, convince, coerce, manipulate, preach, explain, and if none of that works, we can go to war….but is it actually getting us what we want?

How can we create a better world, when these days, it seems we can’t even get through dinner without risking being banished from our friends and family? How can we agree on a vision for the future when there are 8 billion versions of what it should look like – many of which seem at odds with each other?

What if at the heart of it all – we all only wanted 4 things? In this video, we will explore how we all actually want the same four things and how we can’t fully get what we deeply desire without the other person but not in the way you think. We will explore the paradox of having everything you need to make you happy, and at the same time we can’t fully get what we want without the other person — but not in the way you think.  

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