The Underlying
Levers of Reality

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In this free intro course, The Underlying Levers of Reality, we explore the fractal nature of the Four Forces Framework and how it shows up all scales of our lives.  This course is part three of The Beyond Chaos MasterClass.

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  • How The Four Forces show up at all levels of our lives, personally and collectively. 
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  • How The Four Forces skills and states of consciousness are the underlying levers that give you choices for how you craft,
    navigate and experience reality.
The Underlying Levers of Reality
The Four Forces Framework works with the simple yet profound idea that our individual, cultural and collective worldviews are created by our experience, understanding, and pursuit of four core desires: Connection, Expression, Purpose and Growth.

These four desires are not only at the foundation of human motivation, they are forces of life that move us towards greater awareness, creativity, meaning, and evolution – whether we know it or not.

Best of all, they are foundational consciousness skills that can be learned to give us flexibility of consciousness and access to new states and experiences of reality.

When we align with life through the Four Forces, we align with each other and have the skills to create new possibilities.

The Desires

What are your deepest desires? Learn how Connection, Expression, Purpose and Growth are at the core of what it means to be human, and the key to creating the lives and world we long for.

The Strategies

We are incredibly creative when it comes to trying to get our desires met– including sacrificing one force for another. While these strategies get us a short-term version of what we want, they limit our ability to get what we really want.

The WorldViews

Our beliefs and strategies around the Four Forces create our individual, cultural and collective worldviews. We pass them down through generations, in our families and cultures. We gather as “like-minded” in our communities, oganizations and political parties.

The Skills

Each of the Four Forces come with a set of skills that allow you to experience what you most deeply desire. Like a sound mixer of consciousness, you have levers for how you experience and impact others and the world around you.

The States

As you clear strategies and develop skills, you unlock flexibility of consciousness that allows you to access new states of consciousness at will, enhancing your everyday life as well as building capacity for greater peak and ecstatic states.

The Life Forces

The Four Forces are moving us whether we know it or not. They are the essential forces of life that make up the infrastructure of consciousness and life, and which give us levers to influence how we experience and impact reality itself.
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