Ordinary is no longer enough...

NonOrdinary is a new paradigm approach,  a training community platform, and desire collaborative for badass lovers of life who want to create at the edges of possibility.

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It's Time.
Step into New Territory.

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March 2024

We are creating a new paradigm ecosystem with:

A common operating system and dynamic, evolving culture.

Skill building, experimenting, and practice spaces.

Leverage for you to have more impact with less effort.

How do you navigate new territory? 

"You can’t use an old map to explore a new world." - Albert Einstein

The Four Forces Compass

Align with Life and Others

Developed over 30 years, The Four Forces Framework offers a unique lens for making sense of the world, with skills for expanded ways of experiencing and impacting the world around you. 

The Edges Map

Navigate the New REality

NonOrdinary offers a one-of-a-kind map and approach that supports you in untangling the current reality, helping you identify where you are and how you want to proceed, even into unknown, constantly-emerging territory.


Amplify your impact and facilitate the path forward.
Collaborate with ease, creativity, and effectiveness.
Experience ecstatic relationships and sexuality.
Live your
deepest desires.
How do we do this?

Our dynamic approach:

The Four Forces Framework

Developed over 30 years, The FFF offers a unique lens for making sense of the world, with skills for expanded ways of experiencing and impacting the world around you. Learn more about the Four Forces and download a free copy of the book here.

Nonordinary Skills & Consciousness Agility

Going beyond “woo woo,” access additional layers of information by cultivating intuition, your subtle senses, and non-physical ways of knowing. Develop the ability to identify, access, and navigate states of consciousness and unlock more choices for how you experience and enjoy reality.


Working with “what wants to happen,” this multi-faceted approach creates the opportunity for clearing limiting patterns and transforming conflict while expanding capacity for aliveness, pleasure, and deep relationship with others and life.
Learn more about EdgesWork here.

Experiential, Customized Learning

Offering both online and in-person trainings and events, we focus on embodied practices and learning in context with others using a multi-dimensional, customized approach.
Learn more about our training approach here.


Dip your toe in. Have a NonOrdinary experience.

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3 Training Communities to Customize Your Experience

Starting march 7th

The Levers


Drop-in training for living and creating
in new territory.

The Spaces


A training community
For relationships, groups and culture.

The Edges


A training collaborative for leading, facilitating and building at the edges.

Do you want exponential impact at the edges?

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Starting march 7th

Work at the paradigm shifting level with individuals, groups, and organizations.

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