Your Travel Guide to a New Reality.

How do we get from here to there? Explore foundational concepts that lay out a path forward beyond the chaos. Understand the underlying dynamics of what is currently happening. Learn a new map and compass for navigating and living in the new reality now.

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The Travel Guide is part of our March Founder’s Launch.
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Beyond Chaos

Why do we keep repeating history in our lives and as humans?  In this video series, we explore a new perspective on the current chaos, why it is happening, and a path forward into new territory.


Watch the Overview Video: 9 minutes

Watch the Complete Series: 9 Videos, 28 minutes

Paradigm Shifting the Paradigm Shift

Explore the common ways we think about paradigm shifting and why they aren’t enough anymore. Learn a reframe for what it means to be in the new paradigm.


Watch the Video: 5 minutes

The Four Forces Compass

Developed over 30 years, The Four Forces Framework offers a unique lens for making sense of the world. It is a compass which aligns us with life and each other, a common operating system that gives you more impact. Gain access to the underlying levers that allow you to navigate, craft, and experience reality in new and expanded ways.


Watch the Video: 5 minutes

The Edges Map

As Einstein once said, you can’t use an old map to explore a new world. With every step in new territory, you expand reality. Explore a different kind of map, one that helps you untangle what is currently happening as well as identify where you are and where you want to go in constantly evolving territory.


Watch the Video: 11 minutes

The Desire Process

At NonOrdinary, we believe our deepest desires are not indulgences– they are the path to creating the lives and world we long for. Our desires are life force and potential; they are the key to moving through the chaos, breaking free from an old story and creating a new paradigm…a new reality. Learn the nonlinear process of getting what you most deeply desire.


Watch the Video: 11 minutes

Additional Intro Concepts

NonLinear Evolutionary Development and the Four Forces

Is it too late?

Updating the New Age

New Paradigm Relationships