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“What can be said about an experience that words cannot describe? I guess insight on myself could help, I’m a 30yr old man but more than that I have been an active duty soldier in the US Army infantry for over 10yrs. I have fought many battles, and lost friends, from Sadar city to Mosul during the surge. There are both brothers and enemies who have gazed upon me in their final hour. Going on this retreat was my shock and awe; I wanted to reconnect with the human in me. I was scared because I didn’t want to lose the warrior as well, also I didn’t want to show weakness to a soul. On the evening of the second night I was changed, all of the pain was whipped away…. I felt alive again, I felt human. I felt so much power in my moment of perceived weakness I can’t even describe it. Almost a week later I feel stronger and more conviction than I have ever felt. For me this worked, but not because of the exercises those were a small matter. It was Trish and the group she assembled, I felt a connection with them on that was so amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking something once lost.” – Scott G.
Trish’s s Four Forces Framework helped me gain clarity, confidence, and inspiration during the Transformational Edge Work. It was a truly life-changing Intensive Mini Retreat that made me feel not just “moving around the furniture,” aka mental blocks that I carried in my mind but actually shifting the magnetism in my biology and rewiring my self-beliefs in such a profound way. Her wealth of practical wisdom and facilitation really shines the light to illuminate and embody the core of the transcending process. I thoroughly enjoyed the group work, and the activation was in the experience of the words, energies, movements, and breath. I appreciated working with Trish – it was so fun to invite NonOrdinary perception, power, and possibilities into deeper awareness and create soul-honoring and soul-nourishing breakthroughs to move the needle. I highly recommend Trish and her Edge Work! – Rose Wang
“This retreat has made such a significant shift in my life. All the things that I dreamt about with a significant degree of a doubt became a world of possibilities. I feel that I finally found my path. Instead of knowing something intellectuality, I fully felt and experienced things in my body.

Trish is a truly amazing woman. I feel like I’m a sponge that wants to absorb all the wisdom that she has to offer, which she shares with those around her with such loving kindness. I felt loved and truly cared for. I felt as if I was welcomed into a family that I always longed to be part of and yet always belonged to. I can’t wait to experience and share more!” – Kysenia V.
“Trish is an amazing teacher and mentor in all things. She has the rare ability to explain hard to grasp spiritual concepts in a way that is relate-able even to an uninitiated seeker like myself. Her integrative teachings are the path I have been searching for, where wanting to experience and embrace the wholeness of my soul inspires enjoyment of the physical world and all of the wonders it has to offer. She is the embodiment of this practice, which allows for her work to be fun and exciting, yet still spiritual, practical, multi-dimensional, collaborative and deeply satisfying… nourishment for the soul. I have experienced momentous shifts and growth from my work with her. And, know that my soul is now skipping along the path on its journey to completion. I am grateful that we found each other.” – Linda Feliciano

“Trish has a knack for truly seeing you and firmly, yet compassionately encourages you to take a clear look at the stories you tell yourself about your life. It is clear that she cares deeply about each person as an individual and goes above and beyond to support you in reaching your highest self. And beyond her ability to assist you along your individual path, she has a talent for inspiring connection amongst all those who work with her to create a community of people who are truly committed to healing themselves and one another for the greater good of humanity.” -Jennifer Earls

“Trish provided a wonderful space for our group to explore our energies—to feel open, provocative, and charged. And Nick kept us well fed so we could keep the energy flowing! Trish clearly made every effort to make the retreat as meaningful and personal for each of us as she could; I think we all left with some very powerful realizations. It was a wonderful way to invest in our best selves.” –C. L.
“Ignited my deep desire for self-expression and physical, energetic and heart connection with myself and others. Trish is a loving and supportive facilitator and created a safe, open and enjoyable environment for self-exploration. – K.R.
“The workshop far exceeded my expectations. Your facilitation was masterful and the food was amazing. I love the way you intuitively adapt to the situation. I also really appreciate your energy and your approach to building community.”–J.G.
“So I can say that the workshop certainly worked for me as my life is shifting in a way that is all about coming into alignment with passion and trusting that I can step into my power to support myself in that place of passion and purpose.” – R.M.
“The Erotic & The Ecstatic Retreat was extraordinary, even life-changing. To discover the range of application of my sensual self was profoundly empowering. It was a weekend of great self-discovery, pleasure, friendship – and the deepest kind of laughter. I loved Trish’s hearty honesty – and the food, facility and fiancé were all tops. Keep it comin’ Trish! “ — Meagan M.

“This was one of the best retreats that I have been to in a long time. I am more present and feel my potential more. I feel more of my erotic and ecstatic energy now.” –Robert B.

“I did not know what to expect at the retreat since I have never done anything like it before. I found some of the kindest, most loving and giving people there. It opened my heart, it energized me to feel love, passion and acceptance. Trish was great. The atmosphere was safe and exciting!!!! Food was tremendous. I will do it again.“ – Paul M.


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It’s not too late… but it is definitely about time!

In my early 20s, I had the idealistic belief that I could help create a better world by opening an environmentally-conscious products store. It didn’t take long to notice that my “like-minded” customers were often shockingly at odds with each other – and with me! Sound familiar?

This led me to ask a life-defining question: “How can we create a better world when everyone has a different idea of what that means?” I wondered if there were common desires that we could all agree on. Maybe that’s where we could start to create a common vision.  And WOW, did life deliver!

My life became the training ground for what would evolve into The Four Forces Framework. Excited to share my experiences, I started teaching and working with people. While it was clear that the work was transformative – both for my clients and myself – I struggled to describe it to others. It just didn’t fit into any of the ordinary boxes. And I wasn’t the only one with this problem. When new clients contacted me, they often began the conversation with some variant of “I have no idea what you do – my friend just told me to call you.”

It took me a while to fully understand that a new paradigm requires not only new language and skills, but also new states of consciousness. These states can be difficult to describe even when you’ve experienced them. This realization prompted new questions: “How do we get there from here? What is the process for shifting paradigms?”

This line of inquiry also led me to an important personal realization. I had to stop and acknowledge that I was feeling exhausted – soul-weary, in fact. Considering the increasing challenges in the world, I imagine you might relate to having a sense of déjà vu and wondering “What’s the point?”

This reflection brought me back to what sparked it all… a deep knowing that more is possible. A better world isn’t a destination – it’s an ecstatic state of consciousness that allows us to experience why we wanted to be human in the first place. It is time to help each other get what we most deeply desire.

It’s time to create a world that affirms: “Yes! This is why I am alive!”

Let’s do that.

work with Trish

Trish offers private 1:1 coaching for a small number of clients.  She also works with entrepreneurs and leaders who want to work at the level of paradigm shifting within their communities and organizations.  If you would like to have a conversation about working with her, book a complementary call below.