The Edges Map

Navigate unknown territory and live at the alive edges.

The Edges Map

Navigate unknown territory and live at the alive edges.

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In this free intro course, we explore how the Four Forces combine to create The Edges Map, which allows you to navigate beyond chaos.

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  • What it means to live in the new reality at the alive edges.
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  • The nonlinear, fractal processs steps that allow you to enjoy the new reality NOW, while shifting the outdated reality as you learn.

You can't use an old map to explore a new world.

Mapping the Edges

When you are in new territory, it requires a different way of navigating. Rather than a static set of known linear steps, it is learning to consciously work with the edges as they are transforming and evolving

In combination with the Four Forces compass, skills and states of consciousness give you the ability to identify where you (and others) are, even in unknown, and constantly changing territory. 

The Consciousness Edge

Expand what it means to be human through cultivating flexibility of consciousness, nonordinary states, ecstasis, deep intuition, natural intelligence, and navigating multiple dimensions of reality.

The Shifting Edge

Sort through what you’ve experienced and learned, harvesting and composting as you go. Every conflict, trigger, trauma, past and current problem is informing how to get what you want— when you untangle it. 

The Collaborative Edge

Everything impacts everything. At the collaborative edge, we expand our capacity and scale our experiences. We build our capacity for coherence, complexity, collaboration, collective intelligence and transcontextual thinking.

The Emerging Edge

Life is constantly becoming. At the emerging edge, we embrace the unknown and increase our ability to experience intensity. We develop flexibility of consciousness, creativity, experimentation, improvisation, and the ability to follow what wants to happen.

The NonLinear Process

Enjoy the process of living in new territory NOW, while shifting the outdated reality as you learn.



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