Our Meetup History

NonOrdinary has grass roots in events hosted through Meetup.com. We found it attracts the kind of people we love — curious, passionate, renaissance creatives that care about the world and community.

Before the pandemic, we had held over 300 events and expanded into 7 cities, based on partnership requests. Organized into 8 “Pathways” of compelling topics, we were having a blast experimenting and growing our meetup friends to over 50,000+ subscribers in our groups.

Our Meetup Groups in 2023

We are excited to be offering meetup events again as ‘drop-in community’ experiences. They are a great way to get a low-risk introduction to NonOrdinary! Our Meetups are public events and do not require a training subscription to attend. These events are also listed in our Facebook group and on Eventbrite.

To join groups and receive our meetup notifications in your city, simply register at Meetup.com and join the groups you are interested in. Our meetup groups are listed below.

Cultivating Community
Skilled community is more important than ever; while we can offer ‘drop-in’ events through Meetup, we believe cultivating skills together over time is required to have a sustainable, rich, and productive community of badass collaborators. This requires a different container than Meetup.com can offer, which is why we are hosting our training community, NonOrdinary Society, on our own platform. Learn more.


Exploring love, sex and soul


The intersection of tech, science, art and culture.


Positive Impact Leaders, Facilitators, Coaches

By City