NonOrdinary Impact Training

 A Quick-start for BringING Your offering to the wOrld

You will be invited to:

  • Move from making sense to making impact.
  • Bring your deep desire to life and ignite your creativity. 
  • Shift fear and resistance into creative fuel.
  • Build momentum and a habit of action. 
  • Learn new skills of collaborative consciousness.
  • Share your unique offering with the world.

Training Dates: May 22, 2024 – June 26, 2024
Training Length:
6 Weeks 
 $395 / ~ £315
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What brings you most alive?

What is your unique offering that you want
to bring to the new reality?

Let's do that.

While making sense of the world is important, it’s no longer enough. We need to step to the edge of the new reality and experiment with ways of creating and collaborating. It’s time to claim our desire and amplify our impact as we move from visioning the possibilities to living them.

At the heart of this is creativity – that spark inside us that helps us bring our vision into the world, play with possibilities, and flip the script.

The world is calling out for billions of those sparks at this moment in history. We all have a unique vision to contribute to the larger human story, grounded in our desires, life experiences, and innate creativity.

Bringing something new to life can be both exciting and challenging. It is a journey that often requires moving through our own blockages, taking risks, and overcoming obstacles. Having collaboration and support can open new possibilities, provide inspiration, and make the process easier and more enjoyable.

This course is a quick-start guide to help you bring your vision to life. It’s open to everyone, whether you’re toying with an idea, already immersed in a project, or just want to express yourself more authentically. It will inspire you, challenge you, and invite you to collaborate in unexpected ways.

Trish Blain and Alexander Beiner will guide you in weekly sessions focused on enhancing your creative impact and moving through blockages. You’ll work in small groups with participants from around the world to give and receive support. In the process, you’ll tap into that unique spark you’re holding and decide how to bring your unique vision or offering into reality.

The Teachers

Alexander Beiner

Alexander Beiner is a Holistic Counsellor and the author of The Bigger Picture: How psychedelics can help us make sense of the world. He has run courses on sensemaking, men’s work and self-development for thousands of people. He is the co-developer and co-facilitator of Regenerative Stewardship, an innovative legal psilocybin retreat in the Netherlands, and one of the executive directors of Breaking Convention, a charity that hosts Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic science and culture. He was one of the founders of the alternative media platform Rebel Wisdom, and writes a popular Substack, The Bigger Picture, focusing on topics like AI, popular culture and systems change. You can read more about his work on

Trish Blain

Trish Blain is a positive impact entrepreneur, international facilitator, and expert in nonordinary skills and states of consciousness. An explorer at the evolving edge of what it means to be human, Trish is deeply committed to creating a world where we all thrive. She is passionate about helping change-makers, leaders, and lovers of life amplify their pleasure and impact. She is the Founder of NonOrdinary, a new paradigm approach and platform offering community and training for paradigm shifters. She has developed a unique framework called The Four Forces, through 30 years of experimentation, research, and teaching. She uses this framework in combination with other modalities, a method she calls EdgesWork, in her individual coaching and in group settings in retreats, workshops and conferences. Learn more here. 

The Experience

This is an experience of collective inspiration as much as it is a training. It’s a chance to come with whatever spark of creativity and vision you’re holding, and work with the facilitators and the others in the course to breathe more life into it.

We’ll be using a number of practices and psycho-technologies throughout to help you do that, from breathwork and movement to group inquiry, practical problem solving, and peer support. We will weave in nonordinary skills and elements of Trish’s Four Forces Framework.

Each week, Trish and Alexander will host a live session on Wednesdays at 8pm UK time (3pm New York and 12pm Los Angeles) for 90 minutes. All sessions will be recorded and posted within 48 hours in case you have to miss a session.

You’ll also have the chance to hold weekly sessions with a small ‘pod’ of four people, where you will be provided with practices to support one another on your individual journeys while exploring new ways of collaborating that amplify everyone’s impact. We’ll also provide resources, practices and reading lists you can explore in your own way throughout the process.

Course Content

Week 1: Claiming Your Vision

In this first session, we tap into deep desire and your unique offering. Explore what is being called from you into the world. What does impact mean to you? What is the knowing that won’t go away? What is the vision that wants to be claimed? What desire makes you feel most alive? 

Week 2: Working with Resistance

Learn how to transform blockages, resistance, and fear into creative fuel. Explore the places where limiting beliefs may be showing up or hiding out. Embrace resistance as important information showing you the path to something new. 

Week 3: Collaborative Consciousness

In this session, we invite you to engage your project as a living being and expand your experience of collaboration. Explore consciousness fields and how to cultivate a new state of collaborative consciousness with your project, with others, and with life.

Week 4: Creativity and Improvisation

Having impact at the edges is a truly creative act, as we bring something that hasn’t existed before into the world. In this session, we dive into the creative process, improvisation, and techniques for turning up the lifeforce and creative juice.

Week 5: Show and Tell

It can feel incredibly risky to put your work into the world, however an important part of the creative process is getting feedback and iterating. In this session, we share our offering and dive into how to give and receive feedback. We work with what comes up and celebrate what you are bringing to the world!

Week 6: Momentum

In this final session of the cohort, we explore how to cultivate momentum through discipline, ritual, rhythm, and habit. Set an intention for next steps and a support plan for moving forward with bringing your desires into the new reality.


We would love for you to join us!

What’s included:

  • 6 Live Training Sessions
  • 6 Pod Sessions
  • Private Community Space
  • Supplemental Materials

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Start Date: May 22, 2024
Zoom Call Times: Wednesdays at 12pm PST, 3pm EDT, 8pm BST
Call Duration: 90 minutes
Dates for Calls:

  • Wednesday, May 22, 2024
  • Wednesday, May 29, 2024
  • Wednesday, June 5, 2024
  • Wednesday, June 12, 2024
  • Wednesday, June 19, 2024
  • Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Our Refund Policy:

Cancel prior to the start of the course on May 22, 2024 and receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after the start of the course. 

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