Can you feel it, too?

The Shift

The New Paradigm


Fifth Dimension

Web 3.0

The Infinite Game

Second Tier


Emerging Future

Phase Shift

Doesn’t matter what you call it, we need a new way.

The elephant is not just in the room, it is on a rampage and showing up everywhere!

The status quo isn’t working, and it’s become impossible to ignore. At the same time, many of us are sensing a new possibility…a new paradigm… not just for the world, but for our lives, relationships and organizations.

So, why does it seem that the world around us is growing more dystopian and chaotic every day? Rather than a new way, why does it seem we are doubling down on the old ways, repeating history, and escalating “us versus them,” even over the dinner table?

We know things have to shift, but how?

What is this new reality we are sensing? How do we get there from here?

The new territory is living at the creative edges of what it means to be human. It is your deepest desire becoming a reality in collaboration with others. 

We have a compass and a map… you choose the adventure.

NonOrdinary offers a powerful framework that gives you new levers and options that just aren’t there in the current paradigm.

Developed over 30 years, through hundreds of workshops and thousands of process sessions by Trish Blain — this unique approach is being offered for the first time in combination with a community training platform. 

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