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We are in Beta mode!

For the duration of A NonOrdinary Summer, this website and our offerings are in beta. What this means is we are working out the bugs, refining how we deliver our content and setting up the community, and designing this website. Even though Trish has been offering this work for decades, this is the first time we are offering this training community platform.

We are building in public.

We have big plans and we know they are going to get even bigger and better with your genius! We want to build a new reality online and off. Living at the edges of the new reality means there is a lot of experimenting, learning, and discovering what emerges as we collaborate! Our intention is to be transparent in our process, and to set up a page (this will evolve as well) where we will be sharing our projects, next steps, experiments, and asking for your input. There is a suggestion/bugs/typos/wtf form there, too. 

We want to build a desire collaborative! 

How can we help each other experience the lives and world we most deeply desire? We believe that each of our visions, our longings, are informing what is possible. When we are skilled and aligned, not only is anything possible, we believe the outcome will be even greater than we can imagine. We want to make this website a support vehicle for bringing this belief to life. We need your help to do that. 

  • Find out what is happening behind the scenes.
  • Submit bugs, typos, and wtf issues.
  • Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback.


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