Making Sense of the Chaos

What is the chaos in the world showing us? Why aren’t our current approaches working? How can we stop repeating history?

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In part one of the BEYOND CHAOS Masterclass, we explore:

  • Key problems we keep trying to solve, and how current approaches are lacking.
  • Powerful shifts in thinking about these problems that give new context to understand how we got here, and what is happening now.
  • How these shifts are the key to defining and creating the new reality you are sensing is possible and desiring.

The 'Which Reality?' Problem

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, how do we agree on which version of reality to work towards?

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The Peak States Problem

With more and more of us experiencing expanded states of consciousness through meditation, tantra, psychedelics, and other paths, why do we still fall back into old patterns?

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The 'Other Person' Problem

How do you get what you want when others won’t cooperate?

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The Trigger Problem

Why have we become so reactionary? Why does it feel like we have to walk on eggshells with each other? Why has cancel culture become the norm? 

The Polarity Problem

Why are we growing more polarized, even among families and friends? Why do we have to make what seem like impossible, no-win choices, in our personal lives and in society?

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The Power, Money and Sex Problem

If power corrupts, money is the root of all evil, and sex is taboo, why do we keep pursuing them so enthusiastically?

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The Woo Woo Problem

The battle of science versus spirituality, physical versus metaphysical, good versus evil, my heaven versus yours… How do we end the battles once and for all?

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The Paradigm Gap Problem

How do we traverse the gap from here to there?

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The Untangling

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. How do we identify where we are, and what the path forward is? How do we stop repeating history and finally get what we want?

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