Facilitating the Edges
Certification Training Outline

Facilitating the Edges Training (FET) is a one-of-a-kind professional training for those who want to lead, facilitate, and build at the edges of new territory for humanity, while living a fully-expressed, ecstatic life.

Core One: Self

Claiming Your Desire

Align with life and the deep desire you want to bring into the world. Design your unique utopia.

Online Learning Modules:

  • Week 1: Claiming Your Desire & Flipping your Fear
  • Week 2: Strategies and Beliefs
  • Week 3: Emotions, Triggers & Trauma
  • Week 4: States of Consciousness
  • Week 5: EdgesWork Foundations
  • Week 6: Connection Essentials & Strategies
  • Week 7: Expression Essentials & Strategies
  • Week 8: Purpose Essentials & Strategies
  • Week 9: Growth Essentials & Strategies
  • Week 10: Conflict, Polarity & Superposition
  • Week 11: Power, Sex & Money
  • Week 12: Creating YOUR Reality Field

What is your deepest desire?
Let’s do that!

What brings you most alive? What is the in your bones knowing that you want to create in the world? What does your personal utopia look and feel like? What are you inviting others into? What will you create from deep connection, expression, purpose, and growth?

Stepping into new territory requires you to get what you mostly deeply desire at the same time you are helping others. You will be invited to turn up the volume on your desire and claim what it is you want to create in your life and in the world.

Embodying the Four Forces

The most powerful way you can impact the world around you is by how you show up. When you are aligned with life, you become a catalyst, inviting others to align as well. During this semester, you will be invited to fully embody each of the Four Forces through experiential practices and experiments. You’ll tap into new layers of self while developing agility in expanded states of consciousness. From this aligned place, you will explore where your desire leads you.

Untangling & Mapping Your Strategies

From the NonOrdinary perspective, you are never separate from those you are leading or facilitating. You are part of the process, and your own fears, desires, judgments, beliefs, and triggers are going to show up just like everyone else’s. You can’t lead where you’re not willing to go. Understanding your own strategies and blind spots is essential to becoming a powerful Facilitator. As you untangle, you free up lifeforce, experience more pleasure, and become a clearer signal for others.

Triggers and EdgesWork

It’s common these days to try and avoid emotional flare-ups, especially given how volatile and uncertain the world feels. However, it is impossible to not trigger people, or to never get triggered yourself! Being a NonOrdinary Facilitator is about being able to normalize getting triggered and setting up protocols to be able to work with them as they come up. We will introduce the foundations of EdgesWork, our process-based approach to rewiring the body, updating our nervous systems, and becoming super-regulators.

In Core One You Will:

  • Amplify your own “on fire” desire, what makes you feel most alive.
  • Clarify and craft your reality field, which you are inviting others to join.
  • Embody the Four Forces through experiential practices.
  • Begin to identify, map, and work with your own strategies and patterns.
  • Learn to manage your own triggers and build capacity for when others are triggered.
  • Gain practical understanding in foundational EdgesWork and NonOrdinary skills such as intuition and collective intelligence.

Core Two: OTHERS

Being the Tuning Fork

Learn paradigm and states agility while helping others. Understand any paradigm, cultivate deep relationships, and facilitate others getting what they deeply desire. Invite others to join you.

Online Learning Modules:

  • Week 1: How to be Helpful – The Facilitator Stance
  • Week 2: Anatomy of a Formal Session (1:1)
  • Week 3: Deeper, Additive, Translating, and Mapping
  • Week 4: Working with Others’ Emotions and Triggers
  • Week 5: Connection Patterns & How to Work with Them
  • Week 6: Expression Patterns & How to Work with Them
  • Week 7: Purpose Patterns & How to Work with Them
  • Week 8: Growth Patterns & How to Work with Them
  • Week 9: Interpersonal Power Dynamics
  • Week 10: Working with Resistance, Stuck Energy, and Tracking Change
  • Week 11: Mapping Your Market – Who do you want to work with?
  • Week 12: Bridging the Gap

What do others deeply desire?
Let’s facilitate that!

Now that you are more deeply aligned with the Four Forces, you become a tuning fork, impacting those around you even more powerfully. In this semester we build on holding your alignment and deep expression while facilitating others in getting what they deeply desire.

The Facilitator's Stance

Often “helping” ends up being a version of fixing someone or “Here’s what I would do if I were you.” As a NonOrdinary Facilitator, you’ll be able to step into the other person’s worldview and help them navigate and uncover what is in alignment for them. You are not aligning them to you. You are instead helping the other person connect with themselves and align with life through the Four Forces. Developing the skill of seeing and feeling the other person’s wholeness, helping guide their untangling, is a powerful stance for transformation without power dynamics or telling someone to do.

Untangling & Mapping Other People's Strategies

Facilitating the Edges is helping people get what they really want, even when they don’t know what that is. Working with the Four Forces enables you to unlock deeper motivations and strategies, and to understand anyone’s worldview. As you learn to identify these strategies, you will also learn approaches and techniques for working with each strategy and helping any person, whether a client, lover, parent, or colleague, learn the skills they need to get what they deeply desire. While we use example scenarios to help you learn, the focus will be on developing the skills and senses to follow what is needed as it is unfolding for each unique situation.

Co-Regulation, Super-Regulation, and Nervous System Rewiring

During these chaotic times, it’s more important than ever to help your clients, employees, or community members self-regulate and work with triggers. In this semester we focus on working 1:1 when the other person is triggered, and how you can uncover the valuable insight that is revealing itself in the emotional reaction. Learn how to teach and practice co-regulation, and become a super-regulator who can impact emotionally charged situations with your presence.

NonOrdinary Marketing and Designing Your Offerings

Learn how the Four Forces can give you a richer, more nuanced understanding of your audience’s desires, fears, and strategies. Learn an approach we call “additive and deeper,” which gives you dynamic and unexpected ways to work with traditional pain points 

In Core Two You Will:

  • Develop paradigm and state agility with others.
  • Learn to identify what people really want.
  • Work with people who are triggered.
  • Learn the common strategies for each of the Forces.
  • Identify common body and energetic reactions and how to work with them.
  • Gain advanced facilitation skills to work with anyone in a 1:1 setting.
  • Practice relational process work.
  • Advance your intuition and nonordinary skills.
  • Identify your ideal client and what their Four Forces patterns are.

Core Three: GROUPS

Amplifying Your Impact

Facilitate and cultivate group transformation, collaboration, collective intelligence, and evolving-edge culture.

Online Learning Modules:

  • Week 1: Redefining “Safe Space” — Setting Up the Container & Culture-Crafting
  • Week 2: Anatomy of Group Work — Event Design
  • Week 3: Working with the Group Field & Collective Consciousness – What wants to happen?
  • Week 4: The Trigger Spiral – Managing Triggers in Groups (yours and others)
  • Week 5: Connection in Groups — When Dominant, When Lacking
  • Week 6: Expression in Groups – When Dominant, When Lacking
  • Week 7: Purpose in Groups – When Dominant, When Lacking
  • Week 8: Growth in Groups – When Dominant, When Lacking
  • Week 9: Facilitation Choices – Structure and Emergence; Individual and Collective
  • Week 10: Roles, Challenging People & Group Dynamics
  • Week 11: Power Dynamics, Conflict & Disturber Energy
  • Week 12: Emergence, Deep Collaboration & Improvisation

How do you amplify your impact with groups? Let’s cultivate that!

Working with groups amplifies everything 

Complexity goes up exponentially as the number of participants increases. For example, when you have four people in a group, there are six different relationship combinations. For 32 people, that becomes 496 relationship dynamics! It is no wonder things can get complicated– fast. However, with added complexity also comes incredible transformative power. Whether the setting is a community gathering, meeting, workshop, or teams working within an organization, groups can create opportunities for profound healing, creativity, synergy, problem solving, and accelerated change at every level.

The Four Forces and Groups

Just like individuals, groups can take on their own Four Forces preferences and strategies. Learn how to shift groups building on what you’ve learned with individual strategies. Learn to craft group containers that are aligned with and have all Four Forces present to create coherence and a sense of belonging while also enhancing uniqueness and emergence– without the “group therapy” feeling, or long, drawn-out, time-consuming processes.

Group Conflict and Trigger Work

In our current culture, it’s common for group interactions to escalate and for emotions to rise. Just as groups amplify what’s possible, they can also amplify our fears and bring to the surface conflicts that are hidden or ignored. Our greatest wounds are often seeded in our families– our first group experience. We often bring these wounded elements to groups, creating experiences that feel more like dysfunctional families than open, collaborative efforts. Learn how to work with anything that shows up during group processes.

Group Dynamics and Power

When we as individuals come together in groups, new dynamics emerge.  We’ll be working with these, as well as “group fields”.  You’ll learn to track various group dimensions as they’re concurrently happening.  You’ll learn how to embrace contrast, conflict, and disturber energy.  You’ll also recognize and become comfortable with distinct roles that surface in groups, such as “the class clown,” “the talker,” “the know-it-all,” and others.

Field Craft

Learn the elements that best match your intention for the group, such as format, structure vs. flow, and agenda vs. emergence. Learn to read the signals that let you know when you need to shift format or process. Learn how to identify group strategies, and how to add or untangle each of the Four Forces to enhance transformation.

In Core Three You Will:

  • Identify common group types and strategies and how to work with them.
  • Add deeper Four Forces experiences to your groups. 
  • Engage with conflict, making it useful and transformative experience. 
  • Work with group dynamics and common roles/archetypes that show up.
  • Learn to stay agile and regulated in the midst of big group triggers and processes. 
  • Cultivate your unique group field, and how to get the results you are wanting.
  • Read the group and know what wants to happen next.
  • Understand group dynamics that are likely to happen in your ideal market.

Optional Projects

3 Projects per Core

Cultivate the skills, states, and agilities needed to live in new territory – at the edges – and to have profound impact through inviting and facilitating others to join us.

Bonus Learning Modules:

As part of the learning modules, you will be invited to engage with and be supported in additional, and completely optional, projects.

In each core, there are three projects

If you have any questions, please reach out to trish@nonordinary.com or book an inquiry call with Trish below.

As part of the learning modules, you will be invited to engage with and be supported in three projects per semester. These are optional projects designed to enhance your experience. 

Core One

Your Utopia Manifesto

Desire is creative energy. Getting clear on what you deeply desire is key to being able to manifest and create. It enables you to feel pleasure in the process and use that aliveness to accelerate and enhance your creation. You will be invited to turn up the volume on your desire and claim what it is you want to create in your life and in the world.

Your Personal NonOrdinary Language & Skills Library 
NonOrdinary is an art and practice, with its own language. You will be invited to create your own language and skills library in order to accelerate your interpretation and application of intuition, your subtle senses, and nonordinary realms.

Creating Your Unique Consciousness Field  

Being the tuning fork means being able to create a space to invite others to join. During this session, you will have the opportunity to create and define your unique consciousness or reality field. This will include inviting your NonOrdinary team, working with the energetic structure, and crafting personal rituals to help support its cultivation and evolution.

Core Two

Putting Out Your Call 
What is your call to adventure? Who do you want to work with? What do they need and desire? What are their tangles about the Four Forces? What language do they use? How do they know you understand them? In this project, you are invited to create an invitation to your ideal client, community member, or employee.  You will have the opportunity to receive feedback on the invitation.

NonOrdinary Sessions 
In addition to practicing with others in the training, you are invited to facilitate at least five one-on-one sessions with individuals who have aspects of your ideal psychographic. You are invited to step out of your comfort zone, try out your new skills, and experiment with Four Forces insights to see how they have changed your experience and understanding. This is a chance to deepen your understanding of your market, gaining perspective for how you can support/assist them more effectively.

Creating an On Ramp 
What is unusual or compelling about the space you are inviting people into? Looking at the reality space you are creating, what differentiates it from the ordinary world? How do you want to prepare people to enter your space/reality? When paradigm shifting, you are inviting people to step across a threshold, from what is known and safe into unknown territory. What does your client, customer, community member, or employee need in order to traverse from their paradigm to yours? Are all Four Forces present? You are invited to design a series of experiences and content that bridge the ordinary world with your vision of reality.

Core Three

Design Your Container  
When working with groups, how are you going to design the container? How will you define safety? What is your trigger protocol? How do you want to handle conflict? What language needs to be defined from the start? What are your agreements? How will you close the space? What rituals do you want to establish?  In this project, you will design your own personal process for establishing group culture, expectations, and guidelines for the type of group work you want to do.

Push Your Edges of Comfort
What scenarios make you nervous? Which topics do you tend to avoid? What kinds of conversations or situations do you dread? What triggers you when you lead? You are invited to create and lead an experience that pushes your edges of comfort as a group facilitator. You are invited to purposely try and trigger yourself, in service of knowing you can handle anything.

Design & Lead a Group Experience 
You will be invited to create either a 15-minute experience for members of the community or design a group experience that you offer to your market and debrief with the community.

The Facilitator

Trish Blain

Trish Blain is a positive impact entrepreneur, international facilitator, and expert in nonordinary skills and states of consciousness. An explorer at the evolving edge of what it means to be human, Trish is deeply committed to creating a world where we all thrive. She is passionate about helping change-makers, leaders, and lovers of life amplify their pleasure and impact. She is the Founder of NonOrdinary, a new paradigm approach and platform offering community and training for paradigm shifters. She has developed a unique framework called The Four Forces, through 30 years of experimentation, research, and teaching. She uses this framework in combination with other modalities, a method she calls EdgesWork, in her individual coaching and in group settings in retreats, workshops, and conferences. Learn more here. 

Training Structure for Certification

This cohort offers a shift in how we train and learn. One of the challenges of new paradigm work is embracing that we are part of a complex living system, which is nonlinear and fractal.
We have designed this program to offer the most flexibility while still offering a solid structure and roadmap to help guide you.

We do this through:

  • Our Unique Four Forces Framework
  • Experiential Learning
  • Real World Projects & Application
  • Deep Personal & Group EdgesWork
  • Emergent Group Dynamics

Each training week you will gain access to:

  • Self-paced videos  and written content with activities
  • 90 minute Live Experiential Call (replays available)
  • 1 monthly Small Group Coaching call with Trish
  • Study pod live call 
  • Practice calls (varying time zones)
  • Suggested projects for each semester

Our 3:1 Rhythm

To maximize the impact of the course, we find having a chance to integrate and process is helpful. Three weeks a month we focus on training with new modules and live Zoom calls. One week a month we designate as “Community Week”, focusing on developing relationships with each other and sharing our unique gifts.

36 Training Modules in 3 Semesters

Over the course of the year, this cohort is organized into three semesters, each with a core training.

Included in the 12-month training:

  • 36 Training Modules
  • 36 Live Experiential Calls
  • 12 Small group Coaching Calls with Trish
  • 24 Self-Facilitated Small Group Calls
  • 50+ Practice Calls (varying time zones)
  • and more! 

Time Investment 

We have designed the program with a core time investment of about 2.5 to 5 hours per week for three weeks a month, with several optional training opportunities so you can customize your experience.  

Be Part of Our First Cohort! 

This is the first time this course is being offered (woohoo!)– throughout the course we will be taking your suggestions, feedback, and desires to heart and leaning into emergent practices.


Bonus One: Access to The Edges Collaborative

The EDGES collaborative at NonOrdinary.com is the greater community of which FET is a part. Connect with others at the edge– leaders, facilitators and builders. Gain access to additional live calls and events which take aspects of the FET training and offer them in bite sized practical formats for our monthly subscribers.

Bonus Two: Access to The Spaces

Included in your FET training is membership in our drop-in community focused on applying skills and states to your personal life including relationships and sexuality. 

Bonus Three: Access to EROS Cohorts

Through 2024 we will be offering at least two EROS related cohorts: They are Paradigm Shifting Relationships and Ecstatic Sexuality

Bonus Four: Access to States Agility Cohort

In 2024 we will be offering a Featured Cohort called  States of Consciousness Agility which will be included in your training should you want to join.

Bonus Five: 20% Discount 

20% discount on in-person events and non-included cohorts.


As we expand, we invite you to consider applying to become a NonOrdinary facilitator for our online community as well as for the growing number of leaders and organizations who want coaching and support in implementing The Four Forces as part of their foundational skills. Our training fully supports your work out in the world, but we’ll also be offering the opportunity for you to apply to be part of our team. 

Fill out the form below, or book a call with Trish.

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